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  1. Hey guys.... found an old track I mixed in 2006, and can't remember posting it here before. Toooooooo wayy bad I haven't got the FL files anymore :// Could have mixed it up to be good, but I sure can't find them at least. But still, it could have been a nice track with some work, I think so at least http://x.oledid.com/winter_theme.mp3 EDIT: AAAgh, I like it so much I might just redo the whole thing if I cant find that ¤#%/& file.
  2. I just loooooved SpiderMan 3, and was in a really good mood when I came out of the theatre. And then my buddy, who was walking besides me, just said: "What an awful movie, that totally sucked!" ... Kinda different opinions about this movie, I guess.
  3. I'm proud to say that I've actually met Dragonlord in person, and he is about as cool as his funky style is. Been hearing his mixes a good while before I heard this, and man, what a funky style he has got. And this of course, is no exeption. Funky, funky, funky to the core.
  4. I've been listening to this way before it got posted at ocr, probably downloaded it from vgmix or something... I hope it's the same version? Haven't gotten myself into checking Anyways, this is one of the mixes I've listened most to lately... I like it, a very chill song - and your voice fits in perfectly. I really like this one.
  5. I love this one... chill music =) Exellent violin playing! Is po! a musician?
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