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  1. Hey.... this aint manure! Very polished and good use of the instruments! I particulary like the "trancey" lead! Salivating stuff! Dont let the somewhat misleading intro put you off, this is - indeed- trippin´...
  2. Haaahhh!!! This is awesome! The synth-lead kicks ass! Sure its a bit repetetive but still... yummy!! A newcomer on the ol´playlist!
  3. Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!! This is brilliant! Noone can handle the brass like ol´DJP!!!! Not as good as "Pachelbels Ganon" but still a damn fine piece o´work! Saucy...
  4. Well, I aint the biggest fan of SNK´s music but what we have here is an exceptional well done remix. It makes me wanna go *SMACK*, *POW* and *HII-YYAAA!!*. Love the choir and the phat bassline. However, I cant help but feel that the ending needs a liitle more "oomph". But I guess thats just me... Excellent work Geckomeister!
  5. Hey, this isn´t half-bad! Altough I feel that there is a bit TOO much going on in some parts. I can imagine how dude Salzman really wanted it to be perfect but in Sweden we would call it "brötigt"... This is a recommended download though... if not just for that distorted synth-lead (I luv it)!!! Keep up the good work!
  6. This was one of the very first remixes I downloaded from this OC and it still has a special place in my hea.... ehhh on my drive! Its so laidback and cool! And that sitar gives me goosebumps everytime! Highly recommended even if this genre´s not everyones cup of tea!
  7. Well, it sure is a bit thin but that´s easily fixed. Not one of my faves but give it a go. Its UN Squadron dammit!
  8. Sheeeeeeessssshhhh! That guitar sure sounds.... cheezy! And that robotic sample is the final nail(s) in the coffin... I had to hear the original and found out that it was a hell lot better...
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