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  1. Que? Anyhow, I believe that this "remix" is performed quite well. I dunno if its just today*mainly becuase of our winterpercussion competition* or something else, but I have been noticing that dynamics play a great key role in music. It can make the difference to a song qualifying it for third or first *the sad fate that happened to me and my compadres when we competed last week.....we played in FF/FFF the whole killed our score dropping us to third....but back to the topic*. I believe that this song really illustrates the contrasts in dynamics, which makes this song really catchy/great in my eyes. The dynamics really set the mood. At times its really soft, setting a calm mood, then suddenly crushendoing *sp* to a louder more upbeat "jolly" mood. All in all a really good mix. I say goodjob and keep up the good work! *sorry for the horrendous formatting of the above paragraph, but Im watching tv and listening to the song at the same time, so I really am not loooking at how I am typing, let alone caring of the format* EDIT: Ohhhh B-unit....I get it now....
  2. The remixes submitted here suprise me more and more. The artists skills just keep on getting better here. I remember when I first came to this site. I was guided here unintentionally really. I was searching for an mp3 of Shevat the wind is calling from Xenogears, and a link that was provided from the search brought me to one of Ziwtra's mixes, Downwind *which was submitted and approved by djp the day before*. Hehe, flashback set aside, I really love this song. Its sort of a wierd coincidence that I hear this song RIGHT after I get done remixing the same exact same track *using the GPO program that zircon graciously informed me about*. All in all, its a good remix. I just hope that my mix sounds nearly as good as this one *quality judging wise*.
  3. Hello to all of you newcomers and welcome to the world of OCR Forums. Me personally, I have been hre since 2002, but decided to sign up around 2003 *ignore the postcount, Ihave another account thats at 1000+, but I decided to use this one becuase it has an earlier joindate*. But yes, once more, Hello! If you are daring *and its not much of a thread anymore but* I recommend venturing into the unmoderated section. The randomness among other things should entertain you!