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  1. I rarely feel the need to chime in on a song (q.v.: post count) but yeah, this is _extremely_ well done. I've never heard lyrics fit into a Remix as well as you guys have managed here. Eyeing that merch page now. Kudos.
  2. eh one more praise-gushing post can't hurt i hold morrowind and kotor to be the best PC soundtracks of 2002 and 2003 and coming from the same composer this doesn't disappoint me in the least. i'm not a technical expert so i'm not going to pick details; quite simply, it works. download if you like his other productions, download if you like FF6, download if you like good music regardless of its origin. mr.soule, there's clearly plenty of interest in your work here and it looks like many of us look forward to more contributions from you in the future.
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