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  1. That seems to be a common theme. On many of the songs I'm hearing about 30 seconds of source and 4 minutes of...something else. The quality of the songs is great but there's a lot that's completely unrecognizable.
  2. Well I was able to find it by doing a simple google search so if it's not supposed to be up and running yet they need to cut it off from the general public until they get everything squared away. Near as I can tell though, everything's working the way it's supposed to be and I'm downloading via torrent, which already has a lot of seeders and leechers. Edit: Ok, just checked and the individual track download page isn't available yet. The torrent link is active though and it's downloading pretty fast.
  3. Wow, that last track is friggin' massive! 54 meg for an mp3. It's either really long or somebody skimped on the compression.
  4. So why the 18th? Is there something special about that day? Not complaining or anything, just curious. Incidentally the 18th is the day after my birthday so like...woohoo! Birthday present!
  5. I could have learned Meteo in the time it's taken you all to finish this!
  6. That was a mod I made a few months ago for Oblivion. The music of course was made by Mazedude. I hope he didn't mind me using it in that little video. I should try to get back into modding if I ever find the time. That one was fun to make.
  7. I've been waiting for this one for a while too. Sounds like it's going to be awesome. Haven't heard anything new on it though for the past couple of weeks.
  8. Kefka is appalled at the absurd amount of love in this thread.
  9. Well trying to find one of those controllers is an exercise in futility. Every store around here is sold out and Amazon.com is selling them for upwards of 100 dollars.
  10. Gadouken! Been having fun with Dan's super taunt. I swear the music makes me want to shove a power drill through my eye socket.
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