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  1. I love live music BECAUSE I love studio recordings. I want to see what the band can do live with their songs. Very rarely do I attend concerts where I now nothing of the bands material. Oh, and if you ever get the chance, you must see Jaga Jazzist live.
  2. I'm excited for many of the sequels/franchise games at E3 this year, but I think I would rather play something I haven't played before. Kid Icarus: Uprising seems to offer something other than the original, but from what I saw of Donkey Kong Country Returns it seems largely unchanged. I still want to play it though, but not as much as I want to experience design ideas I've yet to play. I'm not saying rehashes and sequels are "bad" games, but that new ideas excite me more.
  3. My biggest gripe with XIII is not the battle system. Neither is it the story. It's HOW the story is presented. You know something is wrong when you have to READ about what happened in that cutscene you just SAW in the codex/journal.
  4. Today I bought The Beatles Digital Remasters in Stereo. The big black box. And boy, is it worth the money! Only downside is that the covers are all papersleeves, so the CDs might get damaged when they are removed from the cover.
  5. I agree, and I also think that the opinions conveyed on several gaming forums are not representative for the gaming community as a whole. There is however a problem in comparing games to other mediums. Film has gotten pretty cheap and easy to make over the last decades, so it's not necessary to pump a lot of money into projects. Games like Six days in fallujah however, are still pretty expensive to make. I think we must look at the indie scene and the small developers to push the limits of the game medium. They almost HAVE to be unique and get attention to bring their game to a larger audience. And then, it's up to us gamers to support the small developers if we feel that they bring something new to the medium.
  6. How about Inca II: Wiracocha? A forgotten adventure game from 1993. Great soundtrack. :
  7. Ok. Thank you for helping me man. I believe we found the cause of the noise.
  8. How much would it be natural to get? I managed to get the level down to an almost inaudible level while clean. But there is still some noise. I don't know how much noise is natural when using a vst-amp with gain though, since I've mostly played clean guitar until now.
  9. Hm... After fooling around some more(while recording a sample) it seems to be connected to the guitars volume knob. If I turn it all the way up, I get a much lower signal level (-54dB), but if it's not turned all the way up, I get about -30dB. Could it be some grounding error in the volume knob?
  10. 1. Yes. Straight into the interface. No effects at all. 2. It's a Yamaha AES420 bought about 5-6 years ago. 3. Well, not any CRT monitors, but two LCD monitors are pretty close. That's kinda unavoidable since I live in a 10m2 room atm. 4. I've tried two other cables. Even if the guitar is maxing out at those levels, I still get some significant signal. It's much more noticeable if I use some sort of VST amp or effect. If you think it would help you, I could probably record something.
  11. I've got some sort of problem with my electric guitar. Whenever I plug it into my line/mic/Hi-Z port and arm it to record, I get about -30dB of noise without playing a thing. That is after I have adjusted the input to almost match peak levels. In Reaper it looks like this: Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? EDIT: My soundcard is an E-mu 0404 USB 2.0 if anyone needed that info.
  12. The book "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone" reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII. That's because they have some curiously similar characters and themes.
  13. It says he's "making music" for the game, not scoring it. Perhaps he's just making one or two tracks like he did with XII and XIII.
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