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  1. The distorted piano reminds me of a music box whose batteries are running low (er...or one that needs to be wound up again), but luckily it gets somewhat absorbed by the other instruments. I also didn't care for the sort of uninspired drums...it would have been nice to hear something more exotic, because they were such an integral part of the original. Otherwise, the arrangement is very pleasant and interesting, and a refreshing take on a familiar theme.
  2. I've got a friend who works in a jazz/blues bar here in the city, and compared to the stuff I've heard in there, this remix lacks "zing." This is really mellow, smooth jazz...not bad at all, but something I would feel inclined to talk over, instead of sitting back, shutting up, and paying attention to. Lovely background chill-out jazz, but I was hoping for something with more of a groove like Neskvartetten's "Link Goes To New Orleans." Anyway, it's definitely a well-produced and well-played piece, and excellent for what it is.
  3. Damn! DJP's blurb sounded promising, and I was especially enthused to hear something Israfel participated in (love your other stuff), but...I have to agree with the other negative reviews on this one. I second everything Gwilym said except the "amateurish" bit...the original orchestration keeps sounding like it has the potential to really take off, but then just ambles about idly. Drums were better left out entirely. A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, perhaps? It does sound like an overly long intro that never gets off the ground. *sigh* It was such a great choice of an uncommon FFVII track. I'm sorry. Really wanted to like it, but can't.
  4. Oh! I stopped using Fruity at version 3.56, didn't even know about the new mixer till now. Sorry, misread your post. Good info to know, though, thanks.
  5. This is an old question too, but it didn't get answered and it might be useful to someone, so... http://www.flstudio.com/help/html/pianoroll_menu.htm And the full manual, in case no one's posted a link to it yet: http://www.flstudio.com/help/
  6. No, VSTs don't only accept live data. Just copy the pattern from one of your imported MIDI channels into a VST channel. (But you probably already figured that out, right?) EDIT: Also, see Humanoid Typhoon's post above...you can also just open the piano roll for a VST channel, click the keyboard icon at top-left, and import a MIDI (either the whole thing or a specific channel).
  7. Automation question... Okay, could someone tell me if this is correct or if there's something I missed? When you automate a device, the automation data is stored in the corresponding track. The mixer doesn't have a track so you need to create one for it to add automation. There is no other place your automation data will end up...right? No secret cubbyhole or something? Just want to make sure I'll be able to find my automation again...it was a pain to do this in Fruity Loops. Blah.
  8. !!! I'm not spamming, but I think I just figured out how to do that without scripting... So apparently all you have to do is select the notes in keyboard edit mode, then drag the little black box on the end of any note to your desired length and all notes are lengthened that amount. Only problem is that spacing isn't kept intact and the notes overlap...any ideas on how to either keep spacing the same or lengthen it as well?
  9. Also, I've got some actual questions now for you Reason users... 1. Is there any sort of scripting possible? Specifically, I'm wondering if it's possible to do something like select some notes and then run a script that lengthens all selected by 1/4. 2. Any tips or tricks you guys have for grouping? What useful things have you done with it, besides just separating stuff categorically?
  10. how do you solve it?! Er...I just found this in the Reason 2.5 help file:
  11. I've got general questions about the program (I don't own it yet). I'm a Fruity 3.56 user who's looking to step up to something slightly more powerful, and it's between Reason 2.5 and FL Studio 4. I've heard Reason is the more "professional" software, but I don't care about the image of the program, I'm just a bit worried about limitations... 1. So Reason can't use VSTs? Does that mean I'm stuck with Reason's default synths, or is there some other way to sneak in, say, an Absynth VST? Or are Reason's synths good enough to not even need plug-ins? 2. What about effects and such, would I be able to download those or am I likewise stuck with the default program settings and I'll have to make all my effects manually? *fear* I already have trouble trying to stop myself tweaking other people's plug-ins...if I have to do it ALL myself I'll never get anything done... (cry) 3. You can't have tempo changes in Reason songs, right? Is there at least something similar to Fruity's automation? TIA!
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