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  1. hoshit. I leave for like a year, and this is what happens? I'd ask wtf happened but I'll assume it'll feel like beating a dead horse to all of you. Death of unmod makes me sad, though. It was like my introduction to the underbelly of the internet. I shall mourn for you, unmod.
  2. Read the whole thing. And all I can say is congrats on finally getting posted up here. It was quite the pleasant surprise to see the name "Mythril Nazgul" up on the front page. I've heard your stuff on the WIP boards and actually thought it was great. I knew you'd get up here eventually. Glad to see all your hard work pay off, Mythril. Although I am still trying to figure out what you said in french. I've been taking french for five years! I should definitely be able to read that. And MOST of it makes sense... If only I could remember what "se produire" meant....
  3. I heard this mix early on, when it was going through make-overs on the WIP boards. I liked it then and I like it now. Great singing.
  4. That is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. Jintao: Welcome to OCR! Don't worry about making an entrace, so much. If you feel uncomfortable, just lurk, and post in threads instead of making them, until you have a feel for what is and is not "okay". I'd also recommend going to GenDisc first. And, by profile image, do you mean sig?
  5. Hello everyone. I am Brilliance Redux, the stupid girl (mentioned in the beginning of this thread) that made everyone in UnMod slightly touchy on the topic of females. -ahem- Anywho, I can't offer much other advice besides what the other, wiser ones have said. Here's this, though: Never do what I did. ^^ A note about UnMod. You WILL be caught unprepared, now and then, by pornbombs. Pornbombs are a bunch of pictures of various types of, well, porn! These pictures tend to depict oftentimes painful and rather disgusting scenes, so be warned now: do NOT venture into unmod if you will be offended or severely distressed (yay pc-ness!) by these types of images. And...avoid goatse and tubgirl. Have fun! ^______^
  6. I've had this mix forever, since it was on the wip boards, and I always thought it was great. Glad to see it as an official oc remix.
  7. Wow. I must say, I love this remix. Starting with the clear plucked harp, and then entering strings and a seemingly muted brass, not to mention the choir sample and the snare drum that comes in...it all has a sort of quietly epic feel to it that seems to suit the songs perfectly. I loved the Sage Raruto theme, and to hear it remixed so beautifully is a real treat. Great mix, I listened to it on repeat for at least an hour, if not more.