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  1. I could never believe the incredible artistry behind the music from "The Wingless." When I heard his Starfox OCremix "Godspeed" my jaw just dropped and I had to listen to it a few dozen times before I believed my ears as to how good that song was, considering I've been a fan of the music from the SNES Starfox game since I first played it. Now, my two favorite games of all time are MegaMan 2 for NES, and the almighty Metroid 3 for SNES. -Those- are the two games I grew up on. And btw, I liked most of the songs from Relics of the Chozo. Some didn't feel right though. *shrugs* But great remixed soundtrack nonetheless. Anyways, "One Girl in all the World" is a fantastic piece. And my bottom line and point is that pretty much anything by "The Wingless" makes me want to follow that old SNES motto. "Play it Loud!" Cya! ^-^
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