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  1. A calliope font would be nice. I also need a banjo, if anyone knows where any are.
  2. That's not the primary concern... I don't even know if I'm IN yet... I really just did this for fun, mostly. If I get in and if I get the song, that'll be my submission's WIP.
  3. If, by chance I DO get in, I got dibs on butter buildings... My early (hopeful) WIP, because I have nothing better to do. I love the harpsichord, but the strings sound fake. Gonna need to fix that. Yep.
  4. Is there a credible midi version of the soundtrack online?
  5. For clarification, if we make it in, would we take a song from the soundtrack we like then arrange it to suit the mood of the title, or are there specific themes to the titles themselves?
  6. I doubt you've ever heard of me. However, I have one significant work, see below. Click on the link, "Ever Eve." It is remixed from Leisure Suit Larry 1.