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  1. You're mixing him up with that Vigilante guy. I know you're not gone, gone, but I'll miss you as a mod Darkesword. I can understand your pain, as I'm an admin and that's x10 the pain. As long as you continue to write awesome remixes, I don't have to worry.
  2. I'm glad you were able to post a genuine reply DJP but I'm still very sad. I've known you since 1999, while under a different username and I suppose at the time a different face, and I can't believe you bent to peer pressure. Sure you respect those people, but it seems like a lot of those people now are either new and just can't understand, or already hated unmod to begin with, what do they really know about the history of this place. You can tell it to them by word of mouth, but if they never lived it, they sure as hell aren't going to respect it. I can remember the time before there was an unmod, or a mass exodus of pissy remixers who all upped and went to vgmix, or a judges panel or any of this and how it went down, and it just doesn't seem right. Unmod may have turned into a dumping ground and I don't agree with many of the things that went down there, but it became the attraction to the site and it made people want to stay. There was a sense of community there unmatched anywhere else on the internet. It made people feel like they belonged to something big, and I don't think many people get that. I'll always respect you, as you certainly have run one of the most successful sites, the kind of internet fame that some people would sell their left nut to have, but I think that the burning of both sides will leave a massive scar on OCR. One can only hope that Offtop some how covers up most of the more obvious damage.
  3. This song is definitely in the top 5 Sonic remixes of all time for me. For many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it incoporates the Option Screen music into the mix so smoothly and that was probably one of my favourite Sonic 2 songs ever. I think I actually started to laugh out of sheer joy when I first heard it after seeing this song in the WIP section. Darke is my hero. Congrats on becoming a judge too. Everyone should listen to this song, it is awesome.
  4. Whoever told you zyko was white was a terrible liar. Ubik is white, however, but that's not taking away from the fact he's one awesome fucking musician. That said, I know you guys and your talent, and once again you never cease to amaze me. Keep it up. Wait, why did I say that? I know you will. ~Rhi
  5. Yeah I have to admit that was pretty classy. First time I think I've ever had bad dreams from a video game afterwards though. And what's even worse was I dreamed I was the one in the closet. ;P
  6. Cuddly Pyramidhead is the only Pyramidhead I like. The other ones give me rape nightmares.
  7. Eccles and Doulifee are both right, there's no track called Butterflies on the soundtrack, and their cds are not screwy. That's the official release track list.
  8. The Black Rabite from SD3! Now that's an evil little s.o.b.