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  1. I was just saying that the stripper Maria was a model/ vessel for the town's will. Since she's been overwritten by the town's will, it's pretty safe to assume that she's no longer alive but rather a meat puppet for the forces that be in the town, like the zombie nurses or pyramid head. It can be confusing at times but I only pieced it together from observations made from the SH2 2nd scenario and the poster seen in SH3. If there was no link with the poster to SH2, then why would the programmers have placed it there ? All we got to work with is the clues the guys at Konami left and like dectect
  2. Here's something else to ponder. In Silent Hill 3, when you reach Heaven's Night (with a SH2 save game on the card) you find a poster that claims that a Lady Maria is performing on several nights. I bring this up since the MAria we know from SH2 first becomes aware in an appartment above the club with only 1 bullet in the revolver she's holding. Feel free to say "Bah, you're sooooooo wrong" but I think that the town's powers that be may of actually converted this prostitute into the antagonistic Maria that we now know. Using deduction, I also figured that she felt herself changing as well and
  3. It seems that his paranoia is flaring up. AFter all, he has villanized people for a good portion of his life and thus has alienated himself from society. Guess he feels that he can't get away while maiming one of society's own people and thus it's natural in such a situation to worry about the police, society's guard dogs. The fact that the town is empty simply hasn't occured to him, since he seems to find bodies (or are they people before? THe game never specified) and so the lack of police activity has confused him. Besides, even if he wasn't a psychological mess, it's clear he would be labe
  4. All the fun of Pulp Fiction in Mario RPG, minus having Toad's brains being accidently splattered on a bumpy carride by Travolta! Great stuff man, keep it up!!!!!
  5. The song was alright by itself. I thought it was a cool idea posting it soon after "One Girl in all the World" since the two contrast one another in terms of style, yet seemed to mesh well when heard back to back. Mad props to The Wingless for yet another masterpiece!
  6. I got it! It's... It's... Jud Neilson!!!!
  7. And you are correct. Shot from behind apparently. Most likely from Eddie.AN omen of things to come? Or maybe it's actually a manifestation of James' desire of self-destruction. I dunno about the conotation of the JAmes look-alike in the game but apparently, according to the same site w/ the pic, the guys at Konami reused the James model so that they didn't have to create a new one form scratch. They figured that they'd get with it since nobody there thought that some bored fan would hack the system for different screenshots. Man, even the guys at Konami look for shortcuts. Makes you think th
  8. I guess you never took time to use the chainsaw or jackhammer. For using the 'saw, you don't swing it but rather use should hold R2 and charge the enemy, and step back when they attempt an attack. As for the jackhammer, it's used to keep foes at an arm's length to attack or else you're fucked. Also, it knocked the enemy back alittle so use don't have to keep running back! As for the reoccuring theory that Harry is trapped in Silent Hill, well, it can't make sense. After all with 2 sequels out there, it's impossible for it to occur, since he would of ran into James or Heather. Also, In SH2 the
  9. Fucking A, man! Vigilante sure got his stuff down with this song alright. The way he manages to blend the different music form the regions is perfect and the instuments are gotten down pact to the point that it draws the listener into a beautiful yet adrenaline-packed state of mind! All I can say in the end is "PLease sir, may I have some more"?!
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