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  1. Well, It's definitely an interesting remix. The vocals aren't too bad, and the background music is well done. To me, it just seems like some of the lyrics don't fit. Otherwise "Blue Reflection" is pretty good, and if you're curious, then give it a download.
  2. Nice Remix. It is definitely fast-paced, but that's not a bad thing. I enjoy the first theme in the medley (Intro level) more than the other two. (Storm Eagle, Spark Mandrill) Although all three sound good overall. This remix starts of well IMO, with the fast paced backround drums and guitar, and slides in to the main part of the theme, and that's something I repsect in a remix. This theme goes on and then slides into Storm Eagle's theme, which has a good sound to it. Although the Chikusho Sound Team's job was better sounding to me. This medley by Protricity has a defined sound though, so no
  3. It has a very good sound to it, and I never get tired of it. Although I don't listen to it more than once at a time. Still, I actually didn't notice this remix until just yesterday, when I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks guys. Overall, I'd give this nice piece of work a 4.5/5. MegaMan fans should be pleased.
  4. I have downloaded nearly 40 remixes from OC, and I can say that this is one of my favorites. It has a good sound, and all the beats and rhythms from the original song are noticeable, and that's something I respect. I'd recommend this remix for any DKC2 fans out there, or just remix fans in general. A great job was done with this remix.
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