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  1. which is what more gamess should do. Instead of making easy modes, the devs need to create "hardcore modes" since we all know the hardcore gamer is now a niche. A game will be developed and produced with casual gamers in mind, with hardcores as an afterthought. Thus a "hardcore mode" that have permanent effects on your character or items or saving (if at all) makes more sense. Devil May Cry series is infamous for its hard modes, and Diablo 2 with the Hardcore mode that deletes your character if you die promotes much more hardcore gaming mindsets, rather than something like CoD nowadays, where you get to heal up for free and there isn't really a "game over" as you have infinite lives.
  2. Zaxxon...which came out before I was born. My grandfather was a computer/tech geek, and I was on a Commodore 64 before I knew how to walk. Kindercomp, Harmony, all those big-floppy games that booted only when you turned the computer on (ie they didn't load from the PC)
  3. About 700 people in line waiting for Street Fighter 4 on release day, They all watched me get to Seth I lost
  4. Amazing thread, I wonder what the programmers of this or DDP would have thought if you presented this to them 20 odd years ago? -Jacked to facebook as well, with credit.
  5. ah, so they split and made new boards. Well that won't do. I'll just stay here. Thanks for the info though.
  6. Well it has been quite a while since I've been here (I'm amazed I remembered my login to be honest), but it looks like the site has gone under a lot of changes...I see I guess albums of remixes? That is a pretty cool idea. But yeah, I remember unmod as this crazy board, but I guess it's gone now huh? I think I'll hang around here again, I need to hear some more cool vg-inspired songs again.
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