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  1. This piece, i must say, is really touching to the heart. It's melody is peaceful, yet beatiful. During the first three minutes, it soothed my heart, making me feel peaceful, and when the climax at 3 00 occured, i really felt touched. Bravo to you two for the mix. Bravo indeed.
  2. awesome just awesome the feeling of it it feels lke it is JUST from a nightmare before christmas verry verry nice work too bad this didnt come out jujst 2 months ago oh this song would have probably been the favorite of the month haha neways nice work
  3. since the new "royalty fee" has come up from square, i hope that they dont find this out and try to shut it down like they did with CTR that would be so friggin retarted and so wrong
  4. i know this might be real late to say, mainly cause the project is currently underway, but i have a good idea. you say that a piano piece or arrangement would be perfect for the end right?...well...i know just the man to do it! KlUtZ! *or however the caps are arranged* his piano pieces are just perfect for this, and i bet he will be more than willing to help out in this! so ya...theres my input... if i knew how to work orchestra related programs better *i have the newest sybalius >.>* i would help.....i really want to too oh well....theres my input
  5. man this track is awesome. i dont know what the judge that was baggin on this track was smokin alright so that guitar solo around 1:55 was a bit high pitched and made it hard to hear the trumpets in teh background, but big deal. this is a great "garage band" style track. i love it. its just too bad that my band cant play like this anyways, my favorite thing about this song is the drums. it gives the song so much "power". i mean, try taking out teh precussion in this song and what do you get? nothing. it just makes the song so ALIVE. anyways, i tip my hat to you tony thai. nice work.
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