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  1. LOL! That's just what I was thinking with Pikachu! Except the sombrero is a nice touch!

    And Triad Orion, that's also what I was kind of thinking. Sonic was given a personality from the get go, but Mario has never shown a whole lot of personality except for the "go and save the day" kind of stuff.

  2. There's something I'm curious about: why exactly is it that Mario can do MANY different types of games and fans love it, while fans hate it when Sonic tries to do different types of games?

    I mean, there's a lot of things that's different between the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario has done, what seems like everything, from teaching how to type to playing baseball.

    So what exactly is different about Mario and Sonic that lets one cross genres and the other can't?

  3. Look at it again. It's not really a character, it's a silhouette of the title screen logo from Sonic 1.


    Yes, I'm aware it's the title screen logo, but I'm refering to the character within the logo. It just doesn't look the same to me.

    Well, on second thought, it might be the same.

  4. I'm not going to even bother about saying whether this could be good or bad, but what I do want to say is, did anyone else find the silhouette of the character a little odd? I think I even see a tail there that reminds me of Pikachu's tail. And the name "Project Needlemouse?" I wonder, does this game even have anything to do with Sonic?

  5. You plan to actually recreate and produce a professional cartoon show? Good luck man, because I've seen a lot of large projects like this fall apart and stop before anything worthwhile is produced (Megas XLR season 3 and a Mega Man X anime movie comes to mind). But if you can pull it off, then way to go for you.

  6. I would say C. It usually depends on the situation. Sometimes it's fun to head into the fray, other times you need to be much more cautious to stay alive. There are some games where I find myself resorting to hit and run tactics.

  7. The same thing happened to me before as well! I got a gamecube game for my birthday, which at first looked legit, but when I opened it, it was just a blank mini disc and blank paper stapled together. When I looked closer, the gamecube game case was actually a DVD case and the shrink wrap was not the same. There are definitely people out there ripping stores off by trying to return fake products.

  8. So as I exited the automatic doors of a shopping center today, the doors made a sound that reminded me of a sound effect from the original Starfox. There was also a time a while back when I went into a convenience store and the cash register made a sound just like the sound effect for Sonic grabbing a ring.

    So I was just curious: has anyone else heard things that reminded you of video game sound effects?

    Either these things are just a coincidence, or a sign that I've spent too much of my life playing video games. Probably both.

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