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  1. Epic is a word that tends to be overused, but it's definitely an appropriate word for this. Very good all around.
  2. BlackPhantom

    OCR03047 - Kingdom Hearts 'Simply Be-groove-ed'

    An excellent mix! Definitely a keeper.
  3. I'm actually not a fan of the Lavender Town song, and I don't like many dubstep songs, but I do like this.
  4. BlackPhantom

    OCR02918 - Tyrian 'Data Flux'

    Glad to see Tyrian getting some love. I actually grabbed this remix back when I saw it on the Workshop board, though this version is a slight improvement. Great remix.
  5. Wow! This is totally awesome!
  6. You buy a game, and it has music you like so much you want to listen to it on...whatever device you have. Is it legal to rip the game's music for personal use? I mean, you purchased the game, so that means the music as well, right? For many games I feel justified because it's the only way to get the music, but then there are some games where a separate sound track is sold. I know this isn't a legal forum, but this is certainly a video game music forum. Just wondering if anyone knows a definitive answer.
  7. BlackPhantom

    OCR02781 - Sonic CD (US) 'The Boom (Undeleted)'

    I really like the fast beat of the original, but this maintains the energy wonderfully.
  8. BlackPhantom

    OCR02767 - Castlevania 'Electro Killer 6000'

    This is awesome! I was actually hearing "Eat that candy," but that's probably because I was playing candybox2 at the time.
  9. All this needs now is the voice of an 80's singer.
  10. BlackPhantom

    OCR02401 - Mega Man X 'Tuck 'n Roll'

    This wasn't something that appealed to me at first. The instruments sound kind of messy to me. After a few listens though, it grew on me, and is now probably my favorite of Maverick Rising.
  11. BlackPhantom

    OC ReMix WEDDING recommendations list

    This one seems very fitting: As well as this one: