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  1. Epic is a word that tends to be overused, but it's definitely an appropriate word for this. Very good all around.
  2. I'm actually not a fan of the Lavender Town song, and I don't like many dubstep songs, but I do like this.
  3. Glad to see Tyrian getting some love. I actually grabbed this remix back when I saw it on the Workshop board, though this version is a slight improvement. Great remix.
  4. You buy a game, and it has music you like so much you want to listen to it on...whatever device you have. Is it legal to rip the game's music for personal use? I mean, you purchased the game, so that means the music as well, right? For many games I feel justified because it's the only way to get the music, but then there are some games where a separate sound track is sold. I know this isn't a legal forum, but this is certainly a video game music forum. Just wondering if anyone knows a definitive answer.
  5. I really like the fast beat of the original, but this maintains the energy wonderfully.
  6. This is awesome! I was actually hearing "Eat that candy," but that's probably because I was playing candybox2 at the time.
  7. This wasn't something that appealed to me at first. The instruments sound kind of messy to me. After a few listens though, it grew on me, and is now probably my favorite of Maverick Rising.
  8. This one seems very fitting: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01312/ As well as this one: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01465/
  9. Awesome! I've seen this song worked on before, but this is the first time I can say that it's been given justice. Great work!
  10. Hmmm...I wonder if, several years from now, copies of the prototype will surface. Prototype versions of games do occasionally pop up now and again. Then again, since it was a download game, that might not happen.
  11. I'm not musically inclined, so I can't really give any criticism/suggestions, but I kind of like this. Feels like it needs something more, though. Sorry, can't give you much more than some hope to continue on with this.
  12. The possibilities with the WiiU are interesting, but that controller just looks too awkward to wield.
  13. The new interface is optional, but if you don't like it (Which I don't, for a desktop at least), and the rest is the same as Windows 7, then there's no point to upgrading. Then again, news of this just started, there could be nice improvements elsewhere.
  14. I can donate a little. I've been visiting this site for over eight years now, and for all the great music I've gotten from it, $5 isn't asking for much at all. Keep up the good work!
  15. Nice remix. For some reason the source tune, and very much this remix, makes me think of a noble warrior.
  16. I liked the comment made in Extra Credits: "Sony, a word to the wise: do not tangle with the kind of people who install Linux on their Playstations. Trust me. You are wasting your time." http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/2653-Piracy
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