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  1. Yeye, i know that ZerotheUltimateWarrior sux.... Download my ZerotheUltimateWarrior Part 2 instead....
  2. heh... i know... When i heard your song for the first time i just thinking: What the heck is this? Damn, i hope not he has mimicing me. But i think we have the same taste on music or something But this is your Topic, not mine... So i will stay away if you want Anyway.... Great work, I really like ''Zero Sky''!
  3. Yeah i know that ''ZeroTheUltimateWarrior'' isnt like ''Zero Sky'' BUT ''ZeroTheUltimateWarrior Part 2'' is more like ''Zero Sky'' man... I will give you the link to the place you can download ''Part 2''. Go here: http://zebox.com/dj_metazero/music/ And click on ''Zero The Ultimate Warrior Part 2''
  4. Hey ffmusic dj... Cool man, I just love Zero's theme. Nice vocals and stuff. Good work. I think we have the same taste of music. I have maked a Zero song myself (ZeroTheUltimateWarrior OC remix). And I have also maked a Part 2. Your melodies are very similar to my melodies in Part 2. I maked this songs for a few months ago. When i heard your song for the first time I just thinking, OMG!! Did he mimicing me or something, hehe. EDIT: My ''ZeroTheUltimateWarrior part 2'' is on my Zebox site. If you guys want another Zero remix....
  5. Hey thanx. but dude.. dont you see? Zero IS the ultimate warrior. Zero have saved X so much times. Without Zero, X have been done for. And Without Zero there wouldnt be any X series And the Z-saber is triple triple as strong as a charged X-buster. Zero is so much better than X... (but thats my opinion) Like in the new MegaMan series. MegaMan Zero. Zero destroys X's perfect copy you know. He's the new hero in the MegaMan series
  6. Cool... I liked the guitar sounds.. I hearded MegaMan 2 tunes to in the song to... What the...
  7. Hehe, Thank you folks Well,.. this remix is very old, and one of my first songs i ever made. I think i'm gonna make a new version of this sometime, later
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