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  1. Hi all, new here, but i've got a summer off, and doubt i'll find a job, so i figured i might try my hand at remixing some game music. (don't know what yet, will prolly do something that's not overdone *coughTerracought*) Anyways, most the music I write is orchestral or wind ensemble oriented....I write for smaller groups as well, such as quartets. I've done my fair share of searching around, have some florestan sets and squidfont...but I'd really like to find some nice solo brass samples....especially baritone and/or euphonium. Preferably free, since i'm a poor arse college student. Also would like to find some good solo french horn samples, i.e. not a horn section. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. solo trumpet would be good too, best one i have is a soundfont called Trumpe3D, but it has a crappy attack *ponder* mebbe I can fix the attack myself if i stop being lazy heh. -Cald
  2. As a newcomer to the forums (long time OC fan tho) i'd have to say, I seriously dig this piece. It is very well arranged, and the only thing i could say that i would have liked to see towards the end, around 3:15, would be a drum and/or bass solo improv before returning to the main theme. In my opinion, that would have been a nice touch But as i said, I dig the piece. Overall, I think the piece is well constructed, and is a most enjoyable listen *saves to his HD* -Caldy
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