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  1. I LOVE this mix. 11/10 Though, it's missing something -- from 1'55" - 2'00". (it's slightly different than the mix @ vgmix.com and since i heard that one first... - Anyway that's the only difference I heard - oh and i noticed it's a bit shorter than the one @ vgmix. by 17 seconds) Can't wait to hear more remixes , though, and def. can't wait to hear the longer ICO remix . edit:I dunno the terminology...like it's missing a beat/channel/layer
  2. I like this remix - it's bubbly ~ on more levels than one. It's cute & I like it!
  3. What's being said in Spanish? I don't know Spanish. Failed it in HS. lol
  4. Groovy remix. It's nice and upbeat ~ I've been waiting for a Magnet Man Remix
  5. I actually like the short version better. Only slightly better though. Both versions are great. I plan on burning them to CD when OCR gets enough ICO Remixes
  6. I found it to be a very weak remix at first, but lately it's been growing on me. There's something about that theme that makes you keep coming back. Hehe ~ burnt that mofo onto a CD w/in days of the remix on the site. Still I do agree that it could have been stronger, but since it was a dare, it's not like you could have used the equipment you wanted to. It is pretty good for a dare. Hope to hear more from you, Spyder ! (^^!
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