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  1. ThE UnInViTeD I dont see how this could be anyone's favorite song, personally i didnt like it all. In the begining i thought i was listening to a cheap mario rip-off and it just got worse from there...I am disappointed!
  2. ThE UnInViTeD <---one of these days ill learn how to shpell, anyway i can see why you guys saying this is a good mix, and i have to agree it is good but it its not the best, sorry
  3. ThE UnInViTeTeD I dont know how to say this in a heterosexual way, but i frigging love you for making this song! this is an awesome song, and who can forget the unforgetable, PILOTWINGS!!!
  4. ThE UnInViTeTeD Well when i see sonic i think 'whoa awesome i love this dude' but when i listened to this song i was disappointed and even thogh it was good, i dont think it was up to sonic standard
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