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  1. As I recall, not much has been changed. However, I too remember this mix being in the WIP forum (his first Video game mix, if I remembered correctly,) and I absolutely loved it, mainly because it's not filled with super-happy-fun candy-raving synths that blow your eardrums, or singing at such a key it makes glass shatters on the first pizicatto note. I say, congrats, and hopefully I'll hear more from you soon!
  2. that's just what i was thinking! that stinkin foot was soooo hard... i never beat that game either, but that might be cuz the last level is also freakin HARD oh yea.. there's one ore two bosses in FF5 that are really tough.. as well as FF Tactics ...Maybe that foot had a fetish about one or multiple lizards licking his foot thus meaning he wouldn't die?
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