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  1. I have known ParagonX9 From the first submission he ever posted on Newgrounds. This remix by far is his most unique submission. ParagonX9 has some real talent when it comes to composing and remixing. I hope to see future submissions from him. - DJ Fadeliss
  2. This is truely the best (nevermind remix) song I have ever heard. I can say that without studdering. This song really moved me it had all my emotions in a stir. Really great work. 1. Few artists can make such a long song and have it sound great all the way through. 2. The mix of Devil may cry theme, and MTG song was a brilliant idea 3. Song is flawless in everyway, I cant seem to find one thing executed incorrectly. 4. This song is just... wow, anyone that hates this song or dislikes it in one way or another should be shot on sight and hated. Thanks for making such a moving and powerful song