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  1. Wanna hear something freaky? I was listening to this tune on vg remix, and I said to myself "hey...I wonder what ocr has...mebbe theres a new song today" and This popped up
  2. It kinda reminds me of "Angel Island Zone" from Sonic 3. The first level btw. maybe you lived next to me and heard it because when I was a kid, this and megaman were all I played. I dont know if my weakness for nostalgia has anything to do with it, but I love this remix. 10/10 as far as Im concernced
  3. ahh a remixed song from one of my favorite mm games from one of my favorite stages what more can I ask for? me likes it
  4. I didnt really care for it at first but towards the end there is this little piece that makes it worth it..
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