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  1. When I was having these kind of problems it was because the lens had become dirty. Unless you are having problems only with this game and not any other game it might be your lens. Shadow hearts covenant is an amazing game by the way. Definitely one of top five rpg's for ps2 in my eyes.
  2. Our team has dropped off 12 ranks in recent weeks. Need new members.
  3. Don't forget to try out folklore. It should be really cheap by now. The game really felt as if it were the next evolutionary step of Shin megami tensei series in terms of game play.
  4. I hate to say it, but the game is disappointing for one reason, animation. Although they redrew the sprites, the number of sprites for each animation are the same. So the game ends up looking too jittery. There is no smoothness to any of the animation at all. This game already took so much time, they should have pushed the release date a few months farther and added a new gameplay mode with extra sprites to make the game smoother for those who are willing to sacrifice the original game balance in order to play a smooth looking fighter. If any of you are planning on buying it, I would suggest heading over to gametrailers or some other website with hd videos and look at the gameplay. Also, the five free tracks on psn for this game are not that good, just some rappers talking over beats that I actually want to listen to.
  5. K999

    Sony PS3

    PS2 library is amazing. In fact, 9 out of top 10 games of all time for me come from the ps2 library. However, playing old games is an exception to the rule rather than the norm for me. Whenever I feel nostalgic, I open up my neatly packaged ps2 and play games on ps2 itself. Doing the whole routine reminds me that I am putting all this effort in order to experience something special. But whenever I insert ps2 game on ps3, I feel like I am playing an old game. That's it. If going back and playing old games is norm for you, then by all means try to get backwards compatible ps3 if you can. Otherwise, stick to latest incarnation of ps3 hardware and keep your ps2 for playing your ps2 games.
  6. K999

    Sony PS3

    I have original 60 gig with backwards compatibility and I tried playing my ps2 games on ps3 only two times. It went something like "Hey, it works", and that's it. Once you get used to current gen games its hard to go back to ps2. I realized that I have this fancy new hardware and I want to play new games on it, not reminisce on old titles. I don't think you should let backwards compatibility be a deal breaker for you.
  7. K999

    Sony PS3

    If you are a fan of JRPG's you will love this game for it's storytelling. Plus, even if you take out the story from the game is still good as a third person shooter. Don't devoid yourself of the experience in playing this game.
  8. K999

    Sony PS3

    Many users here have wii numbers and xbox usernames listed on the side but almost no one has listed thier psn id's. I still play warhawk once or twice a week, feel free to add me if any of you own or still play that game.
  9. Here, I uploaded the file on megaupload for you. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WG8H4KAD
  10. Take your original mms link and open it in vlc player. To open the mms link click "file", then "open file", you will see four tabs. Click on the network tab and then select http/mms option and copy your mms link inside the box. Below you see "advanced options". Select the Stream save option and click on settings. For output, click on "file" Then click "browse" on the right side and save your file anywhere and name it. On the right hand side of "browse" select the option of "dump raw input" and you are set. Just play the file. It might be the case that when you are playing the file you just see the video cursor bar moving but no audio or video, but don't worry about it. After the video is done playing you should have the saved streamed file fully downloaded. Just change your file extension to .wmv.
  11. Well, just because one loves free thinking doesn't mean one can't have an an opinion/preference.
  12. Oh yeah, bring it son. And on a side note, I am a little nervous about tomorrow's election. Get out and vote. Unless you are planning to vote for McCain. Then don't go out and vote. Seriously, don't.
  13. I don't think I have heard a song out of context that was so magnificent, touching, beautiful etc. that it made me cry. However, there have been a number of songs that within contexts heightened emotions that I was feeling. One of the few songs that I still remember as being touching came from ending credits of FFVIII: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8rrzq3nC50 I still remember playing this game and feeling a bit underwhelmed mainly because none of the characters were interesting. Even reaching the climax of the game I wasn't into the story that much and was just looking forward to finishing the game and being done with it. But when I was done with the game and started watching the end credits, I saw the fmv of characters interacting casually with each other and it dawned upon me that in a sense I will never see any of them again. Their playful interaction with each other along with realization of never seeing them again really touched me. And the song served as a perfect tune for signifying that end.
  14. I really wish that there was an option for pc users to download Life with playstation style program instead of the current interface. It's classy. On a side note I am looking forward to the next chapter of Palin trainwreck in the form of vice presidential debate.
  15. Just download the latest version. http://folding.stanford.edu/English/DownloadWinOther
  16. The game is kick ass, just like F@H. It's so obvious.
  17. So has anyone played Super chuck norris bros. yet? http://ctfdoh.googlepages.com/downloadarea Go ahead, play it. It's awesome.
  18. So, did anyone watch WWE Raw this week. Thank god HHH is going to smackdown. This turn of events will finally allow Jericho to once again attain main event status. But I have a feeling that somehow HHH will find a way back to Raw in a month or two. There is no way his ego will allow him to remain on a B show.
  19. The main question is, what's your budget? Also, I don't know how much have your researched about surround sound systems, but hopefully you know that there are two main components to HTS (Home theater system), an audio video receiver, and then all the speakers. You can either buy a receiver and your speakers separately, or you can buy so called "Theater in a box". These "theater in a box" systems are basically receiver and speakers sold together. What makes a an audio receiver good is how many inputs and outputs does it have; and generally speaking the greater the number the better. To be more specific, what you want is a high amount of digital inputs and outputs. For video, you would want HDMI, and for audio, you would want coaxial and/or optical, since these are the means that would make use of digital audio and video sources. For these home theater in a box systems, what you will typically find is that they tend to have very low number of inputs and outputs, unless you plan on purchasing more expensive systems. But if you buy receiver and speakers separately, you can create a good home theater system at a reasonable budget. But configuring a custom home theater system would require some more research from you and would probably be a bit of a hassle to set it up by yourself. As for recommending a surround sound setup, I own Onkyo HT - R550, which an year ago was around $450 or so. Now this is a "home theater in a box", but it is a very good one at this price range. Plus, I did not wanted to go through hassle of configuring a custom home theater system.
  20. For anyone that hasn't yet noticed, the GPU2 beta client is also out. Basic requirements for running the client (taken from F@H faq page): Basic Requirements: * 2xxx/3xxx ATI Video Card, or newer * ATI Driver v8.1+, v8.3 or newer recommended * AGP GPU aperture size in the BIOS must be set to 128 MB or larger * Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, with updates recommended * Windows operating system, XP or newer * Processor with SSE2 support to feed the GPU It's still a beta so there are still a few bugs. I noticed two nights ago that the program was continuously sending corrupted cores and I was receiving 0 work units for them. So I had to stop and restart the program and since then everything has been going smoothly. I noticed a 100 point jump in WU/day with running on GPU2 as opposed to running two single console clients. I haven't tried the SMP client yet, so I don't know which one awards more points. I would probably try out SMP client at a later period, though installing and monitoring it seems more of a hassle than running the GPU client.
  21. Well, you guys are the experts here. I am willing to spend $150 because I see it as a one time purchase, so I might as well go for a good product rather than an "ok" one. But if I am not going to gain much by spending a $100 more then I won't. What would your advice be. Edit: Unfortunately, my video card does not think that now is the time for contemplation as blue video crash screens are becoming more frequent. So I ultimately decided upon ati 3850 and have ordered it for the sake of emergency. And I would like to express my gratitude towards Dhsu, CH, Falchion, and Drack without whom I would not have been able to make an informed decision. Thank you.
  22. Well, I would like to future proof my PC, if there is such a thing. I remember my last PC being so underpowered, that it was unable to play .mkv files. Since the nvidia card is loud, would the following card be a good alternative? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121100 There are so many variations of this card on newegg and I don't really understand what makes one variation different enough from the other to warrant a difference of $50.
  23. Oh man, I don't want this to become too expensive and complicated. Can you guide me about what to check for to make sure this would be compatible with my system. I know power supply can be an issue, and I think I have 450W of power supply. What else do I need to look for.
  24. So would something like the following be ok? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150276
  25. I have been using avast for about 2 years. Seems to work fine for me. http://www.avast.com/ For being a free software, it has fairly robust features. http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html
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