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  1. What can I say, all of Disco Dans stuff is good. This is my second favorite Mega Man mix of his after Heat Man. Keep up the good work and I hope you keep doing stuff!
  2. Oh...MY....GOD. This song is SOOOO GREAT. I don't even like Techno and this song RULES! I loved all your Mega Man mixes and listen to them almost once a day, but now I've heard THIS song....MAN! You need to just make a CD of your OWN!.....have you? Because I'd buy it! Violins and a Banjoe in a Techno Remix of one of my favorite Zelda songs. Ingenious.
  3. Oh...I like, I like. As a big fan of Orchestrated music, and of French Horn, I like this song quite alot. But as an even bigger fan of Castlevania and the Prologue to CVIII, this song RULES! I'm glad you used the prologue song from Castlevania. I'm a VERY big fan of Castlevania music and that has always been one of my favorite songs in the series. Now I have an orchestra-type arrangement of it, with a very good middle piece to it. Oh yeah, and I'm getting the rest of your stuff to sample it.
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