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  1. I'm impressed that you beat him with Donald, Sora, and Goofy, considering that the fight is one on one. .....Yeah. And Coop, I see your pride still demands you not let your thread die, eh? Come now, let it go!
  2. I liked the mix as a whole, but it's got one problem (as far as I'm concerned). The whole intro, while long, was great. It's a good intro, and the long buildup works. You can't listen to it several times in a row (that would make it annoying, I suppose), but whenever it pops up in my playlists, it's great to listen to. The whole elctronica begining doesn't make a whole song in itself, and so adding the victory theme for the second half was a good move. But there's one thing about it that really bugs me. The fade-out. The buildup was nice, very much like some kind of movie preview or something. The fade-out simply doesn't fit in as a decent counter part to the begining.
  3. The most difficult boss ever goes by "The Coop." He has this... this "thread," which does not go away, or die, or whatever! It just KEEPS COMING BACK AT YOU! Whenever it looks like it's going to go away and you think you've won, The Coop brings it right fucking back! I haven't found a way to beat it.
  4. EVO was a pretty fun game. I did dig the Dragon Warrior 2 reject soundtrack, and this game really did capture the best elements of it. While I did love the arrangement in general, it did one thing that annoyed me and I was wondering if I could ask about it (as I see this done in classical style pieces a great deal). At about 5:01, it seems like the basses just kind of wander off. Why is it that these pieces just kinda trail off into some bland, often boring end? I don't mean to be rude or criticize, this is an amazing piece, but I just don't get it.
  5. The fact remains that the song is on OCR and that this is a forum for "reviews" (of all things). Whether you think there are too many or too few of these songs is your own opinion- that has nothing to do with the quality of each individual piece. I just wanted to mention that DJP said the song had a resemblence to Vic Viper's arrangement "DownTown." I think he, in fact, meant Digimatic's "Simon's Town," which is an arrangement of the same song. In any case, I really like the song and wouldn't classify it as "techno" at all.
  6. Coop, is there a specific reason you, the creator of this thread, bump it whenever there is a chance of it dying?
  7. It's easy. All you have to do is keep evolving. Every time you evolve, your life is refilled. So, if you stock up on evolution points, you can just keep changing your mane or something.... Yeah, I know it's cheap.
  8. No need. Dracula goes down in a matter of seconds. He usually doesn't have the chance to pull off a single attack with me. Mwa ha ha ha!... I played that game too much.
  9. Super Punch Out was easy Once you got used to their moves, the enemies didn't really hold out. Hoy Quarlow wasn't that bad unless he pulled off his 12 hit combo thing.... But once you know how to block it (and it's variation), he's easy. Rick is a pain to get used to, but you can follow a pretty simple pattern- dodge his overly-elaborate attack, punch, super punch, then dodge his counter. Nick just takes some getting used to in general, 'cause he's so damn fast on the attack. I like my 255-7 record, thank you very much
  10. You're supposed to shoot that varmint in the back. -steve Tsk tsk tsk, didn't they learn anything from Back to the Future 3?
  11. He's right, if a boss IS impossible then it ISN'T a game Hmm. My brother was a master at RPGs. He discovered that multiple bosses were literally impossible if you were not a high enough level. On multiple occasions, he would fight a boss, do a crap load of damage, and finally die. Next, he would gain something like a single level, fight the boss again, do only half as much damage as he did before (he was good at mental math), and that would kill the boss. Some bosses are impossible unless you do some frargin' trick- in the case of Dragon Warriors II and III (or was it IV?), you had to be certain levels before bosses would die.
  12. The final bosses from Breath of Fire II and III kicked my arse pretty bad. Stupid deities.
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