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  1. This is a really great, high energy mix. The filter is worked VERY nicely, and I love how it doesn't get boring. I didn't like the static in it, but you can't have a pineapple and make it dance on a horse. Still a good mix. Very much reminds me of TCM as well. Very cool.
  2. Very neat mix. This is definitely danceable stuff. My only complaint was the opening drums. After the lead-in, I was thinking "Hey, this is going to be a bigbeat/breakbeat/trance/techno thing!" but it, shortly after bringing in the funk guitar, turned disco and was fantastic after that. The voices didn't really bother me. The piano's a nice touch, and I like this song. I'm still a little curious why the electronic feel was given to the opening of an otherwise funky song. It felt out of place. Otherwise, really cool mix.
  3. This is a pretty darn good mix, but unfortunately, I thought it was a bit too repetitive. I know the original didn't give a ton to work with, but this just seemed to repetitive. Strong opening. Really, really good. It captured the mood nicely, and it was very intense. The break off is very nice as well... after it returned to the original tune, I was waiting for the overlap... but the second half of the song seemed really repetitive to me. I'll listen to it a few more times, and hopefully my opinion changes. Good stuff, but not in my playlist just yet.
  4. Pretty cool. I didn't like how it became 8-bit sounding just after 2:00, but that went away. I didn't want the drums to go loud, to be honest, because that would have ruined the song (in my opinion). This is a very cool piece. The tune is excessively cool. The 'lyric' part of it would work if they were just a TAD more audible, I think, but it's still very cool.
  5. This is actually one of my favourite mixes on the site. The "fwip-fwap" drums (as I refer to them) in the opening I wasn't too keen on, but after listening to it a few times, they fit, and the trancy builds are just fantastic. I love how that sounds. It just gives the power that Frog should have. The Frog croaking is clever, and although it's hard to hear sometimes, it does add a bit of a theme to the mix. I really like this mix. A lot. The background really gives the theme support, as opposed to some mixes I hear where it just seems to be separate melodies. This one really combines to be a powerful mix. Excellent.
  6. The Dragon Queen from Dungeon Siege (only in hard mode, though) - or the enemies in the secret Chicken Level. They're pretty tough. Diablo and Baal in Diablo II were pretty tough to finish off, as well. Xan was a fairly hard boss for Unreal Tournament, as well.
  7. This is just a fantastic mix. I enjoyed the upbeat opening, and it certainly became more epic as the mix went on. At first I thought "Okay, fine... yeah... millenial faire kind of stuff." but then the horn came in, and backgrounds start building on it, with the (what was either bassoon, clarinet, or oboe), and then the bells and piano and strings come together to make a very emotional point in the song. It really does sound heroic and much like flying. Some songs give you pictures in your mind - and this one made me picture a huge landscape of forest, a majestic castle, and peaceful town... which when I think about it, is exactly the map of Guardia from Chrono Trigger! This really is a brilliantly put together mix, and I think it really showed the strength that some instruments can carry with dynamics. I won't say anymore, but I highly recommend this one to be downloaded. Great work.
  8. This remix was pretty cool. It seemed a bit staticky at times, but I'm not sure if that was an intentional sound or not. I loved the opening. I was just waiting for it to build to the tune and the drums to come in. When it did, it was slower than I expected, but that was still pretty cool. It became somewhat jazzy after that, and was a fairly calm remix. It builds into a few different instruments, and nicely builds up to a climax with a piano, some organ, some synth, and Monty Python sounds effects - which I found comical, and enjoyable. That could've either made or ruined the remix for someone else, though. Not a bad remix, but I had trouble keeping interest in it at points. The opening and builds are fantastic, but the regular tune, although nicely mixed, grows a little slow. I'm not a huge fan of that sort of thing, but for anyone who enjoys a somewhat ambient track, this should probably be on the playlist.
  9. I liked this mix very much. I like to hear the use of classical instruments turned electronic (Deadly Avenger is a good artist for this sort of thing, if anyone's interested. Picked up the CD "Deep Red" last weekend). Very cool. The voice over would've worked better at the start, I think, and perhaps a more intense beat would've been good. Overall, a good mix. I'd give it about a 7/10.
  10. Hm... after listening to this mix, I have to say I enjoyed it. The bass was exceptionally cool. I loved the opening. The drums come in soft, and then they build in the mid-30 second range. Shortly after, some cool guitars come in and around 1:18 a second guitar comes in. The real power of this song comes from it's ability to meld beats and music in a beat. Very cool. Around 1:50 we begin to see our tune building, and at 2:03, the ninja-esque element of the mix comes in. Awesome. I loved this. There was a bit of a problem with this mix - this is just me being picky, though, the synths for the song sounded very high-quality at points, and then some samples seemed very low quality. If the low quality samples could be replaced with higher quality ones, this mix would be even higher on my list of favourites. On the whole, I'd give this mix about an 7.5-8.5/10 Very cool, stylish, good beat - a couple of little things I didn't like, parts where the music seemed to go too high into the treble area - but on the whole, a very strong mix, and I'd recommend downloading it.
  11. I've been listening to remixes from this site for a while, and this one was one of a few that impressed me more than others (because I often like to hear higher sound quality - although that doesn't automatically make it a good mix... blah blah blah). It used themes from FF8 at the start, FF7 throughout the middle, then back to FF8 and finished with FF3. The use of those tunes melding into each other was very cool - and the transitions were obvious through the use of the orchestra hit sounds. I enjoyed this mix greatly - but I think if it needed to be altered, it would be to either add more of a "full" theme to it. By that I mean, have some sort of baseline or something, that it can stick to. Some sort of recurring tune. I also liked that there was intensity at certain points - but I was hoping it would build to a maximum. It always left a little bit untouched. That WAS a cool idea, because it just kept building, but I would've liked to hear it climax. There was a point at about 3:30 where it really toned down, and I thought the artist might take it in a different direction, where instead they broke off with the FF3 theme. It worked - but I think I would've preferred not to hear the guitar synth at the end, because the rest of it sounded very medievil with a cool beat and a bit of electricity in the bass, and the guitar didn't seem to fit. I'd give it an 85%. Very cool.
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