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  1. Mr_44 has only two remixes on this site, but both are solid gold. This is wonderfully nerdy, and will give you a rush of evil power if you listen to it on headphones.
  2. Absolutely great, with the howling ghosty synth. Blast this out of your car windows; I guarantee you'll turn heads. AWESOME driving music. 9/10.
  3. This song makes me soooo happy. It's the beat, coupled with the slow growth into catchy, eye-twitch-inducing 80's video game melody. My lullaby. I listen to it every night while I play Disgaea -- it strangely comes up almost always as the last song on my mix CD, which is around 2 am, maybe 3. And I always hope it'll be last, because after that I'll lose interest in the CD and will probably end up falling asleep. HIGHLY recommended to those who want to relive the glory Sega Master System days, and for those who have an eye on future club music. It's like, beat-driven town music.
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