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  1. This has been posted on Shizz and GFF aswell but thought someone here might be interested in this cd
  2. Well "tiss" in norwegian means dick and i can fully assure you there is alot of dick on the show massive amounts
  3. It's Pause you bald bastard, look at the god damn logo
  4. AkumuHau

    II Launches

    II is dedicated to bringing you the best in 8-bit and other forms of video game influenced original music. On this the day of our launch, we’re announcing two brand new releases: Disasterpeace - NEUTRALITE A story untold in the times of the Warring Nations. This is the narrative of Neutralite, a young hero chosen by elders of Neutral Town to protect their village from the unfolding conflict between the Plaid and Argyle nations prominent in Atebite and the Warring Nations. Norrin Radd - Melodia di Infinita A relentless collection of most of Norrin’s prolific 8-bit work to date, includi
  5. hmm, well next year if PLAY comes around again, let's both go just wearing thongs and nothing else so we can easily spot eachother, deal?
  6. Who were you guys from Sweden? Maybe i can remember if you wore anything special, I wore a Year200x shirt, maybe you saw me
  7. Hey i was at PLAY yesterday too, drove from Norway to see it, I thought the Amiga and C64 medleys were GREAT, Dancing Mad was not that great though, some sound issues throughout that one, Arnie Roth recognized me from last year and had a chat, i thought that was really nice of him
  8. NSF Archive i think since the last time i posted this here there's around 150 new, and it's been cleaned up alot enjoy
  9. Nope, it was never finished. Ashane still has some mastering to do and she wants to re-record the vocals i think
  10. I don't really think it's so damn clear the whole first segment is about her being a girl, and how special that is and blah blah i agree there's not many females around, but you don't have to witch hunt them either now every lonely horny bastard will try to get in her pants, and there's alot of them here
  11. Arek: apparently she is engaged but i would love to bang that chick ooooh yeah wait....
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