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  1. From Wikipedia: Makes it sound like the reactors were built with the capacity to withstand earthquakes, though not of the magnitude experienced yesterday. The problem appears to have been the tsunami, not the earthquake itself.
  2. Wadoko

    Metroid: Other M

    What about MGS3, specifically the Existence disc? As far as I know it's the same thing as Other M.
  3. Wadoko

    Metroid: Other M

    Having finished Other M a few days ago, I really felt like the gameplay was good, the story was bad, but it was just too short to have a firm opinion one way or another. I don't mean short as in how many days/hours it took me to beat it, but getting to 100% was a piece of cake. After getting to 80 missiles and 9 energy tanks I kept thinking I must have missed some. I felt like I was playing another Star Fox Assault...
  4. I got in too, and I can understand why some people are freaking out. I just managed to get into character creation when the tests yesterday were cancelled.
  5. Actually, if you look at the logo: http://ff14.awardspace.com/images/articles/8/FINAL%20FANTASY%20XIV_Logo.jpg you can tell that right above the Hume with the big sword, looking straight at the viewer, there appear to be a couple of Tarus. Amano wouldn't trick us, would he? While I think Akihiko Yoshida did a good job with those two games, he did use a lot of brown.
  6. I have nothing constructive to say about the video, and since it sounds like you already know what to fix, it would be moot anyway. However, seeing how you credited the music in the video only highlighted that you didn't credit the awesome painting that worked as your title screen. It's not mine or any such thing, I just think the world can do with more people who appreciate transfuse's work. Good luck with the fixing.
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