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  1. As far as I know he made original compositions. But he remixed his own Chaos Engine tune for the Immortal 3 cd. And just like the Amiga version back then, the remix really rocks but still retained a lot of the original mood of the module.
  2. This is really sad news, the Amiga really did produce some great music and Richards' tunes always sounded amazing and they still do today...just listen to the Chaos Engine remix on the Immortal 3 cd... Rest in peace Richard,
  3. I absolutely love this track. Amazing work.
  4. Finally, another C64 remix that sounds very strong. It is not only SID synth and oriental sounding, but somehow also groovy with some very cool soundeffects. To me, this is a very pleasing remix that is very nice to listen to. Great stuff for all of the Last Ninja lovers out there. Bring on some more C64 vibes!!
  5. Wow! another quality remix. It stays true to the original but with a mayor high energy revamp...awesome!
  6. I always loved the original mods that accompanied the Amiga version and the 1st remix Cyborg Jeff of Furry of the Furries wowed me, it had the same up-beat quality (that I like to hear in Gamemusic) as the original. I never imagined someone would actually cover these great tunes but you could hear CJ must have had a lot of fun making this one...that Mp3 is a regular in my vast collection and I was very happy he made another one...also a regular now This one a bit is more trancy, but still faithfull to the original with some exellent use of in game soundeffects and some cool synths...too bad the ending is a bit abrubt...great stuff CJ..hope you'll find some more time and treat us with more furry of the furries goodness!
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