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  1. Oh, and just ignore that transition that I screwed up completely. The intro is gonna be based off of Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys; if you're curious the lyrics will be: Nooooooow here's a little story, I got to tell about two good brothers you know so well it started way back, in history with Mario, and me Luigi! Then 4 measures of bassline, then into the raps. It's going to be epic.
  2. Ok, I've slightly revised it since I remembered we're doing a Beastie Boys style intro, and I've sung out the whole mix (not the lyrics, but the beats) here. The whole thing equals out to 33 measures (it's odd because there's an extra measure of beats between the first and second verses, measure 13). Go for as much of a 1989 rap feel as you see fit.
  3. Ooh, quick response. See above edit that I made while you were posting. Is that enough information?
  4. That is close. It needs more of the bass beat where the lyrics will go, instead of melody. If I sing roughly what I want the mix to do, could you mix it to match? Yaaaaaay a response! Edit: Actually, after listening closer to that YouTube video, it's musically almost exactly what I'm looking for, starting at the 'Yo' at 0:22. If you could do the first six notes of the song, then jump to the part at 22 seconds and follow it from there, it would be perfect. I don't need the sound or instrumentation to be identical, but I want it to match measure for measure. The goal is for it to fit the r
  5. Ok, so if you take and listen to it, it shows basically what I'm looking for. What i want is for the track to match with lyrics as follows:Yo, yo! It's the Mario Brothers and plumbin's their game Found the secret warp zone while working on the drain Lend the princess a hand in the Mushroom Land. Comin' atcha with the plumbers, you'll be hooked on the brothers! Nooooooooow, Evil Koopa and his Troopas are up to misbehavin' They kidnapped the princess; Mushroom Land needs savin' Abusin' and confusin' everybody he discovers They can't help but be hooked on the brothers! Unh! H-hooked on
  6. Ok, so I've got a request for a very specific Mario remix. I need a backing track for some Plumber Rap (yes, the Super Mario Bros. Super Show Plumber Rap) that is going to go down on Saturday at the Marmalade Dog 16 gaming convention in Kalamazoo. I've got the vocals figured out but due to poor planning I have neglected to address the fact that a cappella Plumber Rap is probably going to sound pretty lame, and I'd like to make it significantly cooler than that. My friend who's going to be doing this with me is currently making a pair of Mario and Luigi hats for us to wear. If you, brave remixe
  7. This man speaks the truth. Plok rocks the 7/8 time with composers Tim and Geoff Follin. Honestly, Tim Follin rocks my socks with almost everything he puts out, which brings me to my contribution. Time Trax title theme, also accessible from Tim's own web page in the "Wine Cellar" section. For the Sega MegaDrive, a.k.a. Genesis, this track is outrageous. Note that the game this is from was never actually released, so you probably won't find this track anywhere else.
  8. Wow, I thought I was the only one! But to the point, this is a very good mix. It was the second one I downloaded from OC; I've got about 15 more now, and this is still my favorite (really slow [4kbps] internet + 3 weeks = 17 songs.) It's very upbeat and lively in style, the kind of thing you listen to when you need to be perked up. It moves along nicely, and the trombone part near the end is great, especially with the slowdown/pause before it.
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