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  1. this is simply a beautiful piece... I usually collect orchestral Zelda remixes so this one is going among my great collection of them.. Good job and i hope there are more on the way!
  2. Lemme just say WOW! I love how the "zelda theme" is minored here! I've never heard done that way before. The tambourine work fits beautifully here. Very ...medieval sounding. I like the harp in the beginnig and revisited in the end. And the modulation in the background is very choral. What a way to open up Wind Waker! This would've been an excellent piece for the game!
  3. I really like this one, even though it's not really my style. I collect mostly orchestral remixes and that's what this one was listed as. Now, this is just oen fan's opinion, but i felt that the melody was a bit...cartoony? That's just my opinion. Good job though!
  4. very nicely done. If I hadn't stolen the ROM from my sister, i never would have ever even looked at this one. It feels very sad and wistful. The flute/recorder thingy solo is excellent, but i thought the ending kind of...dropped off into nothingness.. i'm not sure if that what you were going for. nevertheless, great job on your first work. one more thing, i like the melody a lot and the guitar hidden in there!
  5. Hey there! I've been collecting Zelda mixes for a while and this one is beautiful. It reminds me of a hotel I stayed at once. It just sounds, to me, to be that big balcony overlooking this huge stone fountain at night. Beautiful..just beautiful.
  6. I've been collecting Zelda remixes for a while now, and this is one is one of my prize pieces. I have this one and "Shake it Sheik!" and I ca never get the beats outta my head. great job!
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