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  1. The PS2PC.

    This was my first custom PC project. I originally started working on this thing about 2 years ago and had high high hopes. It was going to be just like a ps2, but run windows or whatever. I think what created most of the problems in the making of were my budget restraints (had to do everything for almost free) and some were my skills with my dremel and other such tools. After working on it off and on for about 1.8 years, I decided that it must be finished, regardless of what was able to go in and what would not. Because of that, there is no internal power supply (there were some serious heat issues). Instead there are two ports on back that you can plug your own psu in (a desktop psu is required). I learned better how to make these kinds of projects after this, but here it is. My learner project.

    The motherboard inside is the Via Epia M1000


    os - Currently has XP Pro, but will ship with either a blank hard drive (20GB) or some version of Linux. Or if you want to purchase a Windows OS (Vista will not work on this thing) we can probably make some kind of arrangemt where you provide some additional money and I will buy it and install it for you.


    CPU (integrated) - 1.0Ghz w/fan

    Video - Integrated w/ 16MB memory

    Ram - 1GB DDR 400

    Hard drive - 20 GB ide/pata

    PSU - None (see details)

    Optical drive - None

    Onboard ports-

    Sound (in, out, mic), 1x Parallel, 1x serial, 1x video (the yellow one), 1x s-video,

    1x vga, 2x usb, 1x Ethernet 10/100, PS/2 ports (keyboard/mouse). There is only one fan in the system which is on the CPU heatsink, approx. 25mm. That all being said, I'll sell it for $200 + s/h, because it does not come with a power supply.

    Below are the pics. Half of them or so were taken long ago when I first started

    working on this project.

    EDIT: If you would like me to integrate a power supply and include a power brick as well, add $100 (total with blank hard drive or linux would then be $300 + s/h)

    PM me for any additional details

    M1000 Motherboard in chassis


    Finished Front end


    Finished back end


    Running XP


  2. I was wondering if we can sell computers on here as well. I have a custom pc that I built, and don't really want anymore, as I have no use for it (I have WAY too many computers at home). It is basically a ps2 chassis with pc hardware inside. I call it the ps2pc. If it is ok to sell it here, I will go ahead and post specs and pics.

  3. Wow this thread really surprised me. I love Brandon. One of the best writers I have ever seen actually. I've met him a few times in person and he is really cool. He lives in the same city I do.

    I think one of the reasons he is so good is because he is not afraid to throw away pet ideas that he likes, but that might not be best for the book. He is really willing to be critical about his own work. Another reason he is so good is because he does so many drafts before he even runs it past the publisher's editor. I think Elantris had around 10 or 11 revisions before he got it published.

    Like Ajax mentioned earlier, he even has a free book that you can download from his website http://www.brandonsanderson.com/ It's pretty good. I read it back when it was version 4.x or 5.x or something earlier than what it is now.

    If you have been wondering if you should pick up his books, just do it... Especially the Mistborn series.

  4. Yay I finally did it. I used the turret pistol actually, and it worked pretty well. I did it before doing the Spire,and it was definitely worth it for the awesome bonus gun. A funny thing here though, is that my friend saw that I did it, and then wanted me to do it on his save. At first I said no freaking way, but I did decide to give it go however and because it was post-spire shooting game, you were supposed to shoot the bandits. I did it for him on my first try with 190 points. Kind of shocking how much easier it is.

  5. I have to admit, it is easy to spend a lot of time in this game. So much crap you can do... Gargoyles, family life (kind of disturbing to do same gender match ups), jobs and minigames, hunting for treasure, real estate... I think last night was my record for the most sleep in a night this week. I actually got 4.5 (went to bed at 4) hours this time, unlike the night before when I stayed up until 8 am, and the night before when I stayed up till 7. I feel kind of guilty for putting so much time in actually.

    On a different note, and as a matter of curiosity, is there a particular kind of gun that anyone could recommend for the shooting game in Westcliff? I can't seem to get 1st place on it. I always get 150 and 160 points with my (can't remember exact name) multi load crossbow. I have so many of those dang dolls now lol.

    Oh yeah and someone mentioned being a girl and having a hard time staying attractive right? I have found that it isn't too hard if you just stay away from foods that make you fat, and getting all the attractive upgrades (clothes, makeup and other similar things)

    Edit: Thought I would mention just for the heck of it, that I have 30 or 31 out of 50 gargoyles. And I haven't even gone to the Spire yet.

  6. Is the final name really going to be Windows 7? Seemed more like project name or a code name rather than the final name. Though I have to admit, going to a simple number system would be nice. Every other OS is like that, and service packs could be seen as a sub version (ie 7.2 would be Windows 7 with service pack 2). Ah well, we'll see what happens with this.

  7. I miss my copy of Secret of Mana for snes. Much later I happened upon one while I was in Japan, but it just isn't the same in Japanese. ~lesigh~ This thread makes me kind of sad, thinking of all the misplaced, sold, and stolen video games which are now probably owned by people who don't care as much for them. ~lesigh 2x~

  8. So yeah, I've been babysitting my friend's 360, and happen to have a copy of Fable 2 with me. I didn't play the first one, so I have no idea really about the differences.

    At first, I watched someone else play it, and it was kind of boring, but now when I play it, I find that I really like to explore the world and find all the treasure that is lurking around. The story isn't bad, though the girl's voice (the one that tells you everything you could want to know and more) gets a little annoying. The golden trail thingy is nice IMO, because you can instantly tell where not to go if you want to get all the treasure ASAP. I do indeed like buying property and making money just by sitting around. I chose to be evil, and It's fun to make people fall in love with you and then do something mean to them.

    I have been really taking my time with this game, mostly because I love treasure, and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

    As far as the music goes, it is way too ambient (sp?) and it gets old real quick.

  9. A while back I saw one of these. They look pretty cool and people seem to like them, but I have never tried it myself.


    Essentially, you can plug it into the ethernet port, and it will connect to an existing wireless network. Works for any console supposedly too. Google it a bit and have fun looking around.

    You could also try connecting your laptop to your 360 via USB, set your laptop's net to bridged connections and have it connect to the router via WiFi.

    Not sure if that actually works though.

    I'm pretty sure that doing that would fry something. You would need to have usb hub that would keep the power connections from bridging, and making a camp fire out of the devices involved.

  10. Probably the fastest I have ever done a game that I care to remember is Super Metroid 100% in 1:21 I think.

    The one I am most proud of though is probably Zelda LTTP 100% in about 3.5-4 hours. The route I use was devised entirely by myself and I have never watched a video of someone doing this game. In my run I don't get the bomb and arrow amounts upgraded because I am always so dang impatient.

  11. This is kind of funny that this thread should show up all of a sudden. About 2 or 3 days ago, my sister from Korea was visiting my house, and we decided to sit down and play this game. If not for school and jobs and things, we might have finished the game in a few days, but we were only able to get 3 or 4 of the stars before she had to go.

    I love this game immensely. I even have an original copy! Though I might do the VC thing because my sram battery is dying. :( Does anyone know what kind of battery you have to get to replace it?

  12. Maybe I'll break out Ikaruga, even though it hasn't been just a Dreamcast game for a LONG time. It was just such good times playing it. I remember trying so hard to advance without dying, striving my very best to get in the groove of all the switching madness. Then I unlocked infinite continues, and I finally beat the game. It took some retarded thing like that just to pass lol.

    Then there was that racing game... Revolt Racing I think it was. That game turned into such freaking hard crap so fast in the end.

  13. Augments make this game too easy...

    Rydia was a beast and cheapened it up too much with Fast talker and 50% mp.

    Try playing it without them lol. I was doing the Japanese version, and I found a bunch, but none of the REALLY useful ones. I just didn't use them at all until I was really in a pinch in some places, and I was saying to myself "geez what is my freaking problem?". I guess my major fault is that I tried to treat it like the original for far too long before catching on to its newness.

    On another note, I didn't decide to put the game down forever, and decided to fight that boss again. I beat him the second try (for the second time), and it actually made it through the cut scene! Shweet! So yeah, now I am busilly trying to figure out how to get down to fight Bahamut without dying 5 times along the way.

  14. So yeah. I had decided last night after posting that I would pick up the game again, and I actually beat that freaking *@#(*& of a boss, the security system of that robot. After a while I actually beat him. Then the game decided to kick me in the balls, and it froze in the cut-scene immediately afterwards, and I had no chance to save. Now I'm starting to think that putting the game down was the right idea in the first place lol.

    Oh and the secret to killing this guy is... sh**ik*ns. They do ridiculous amounts of damage. Even compared to a lvl 80 Cecil.

  15. So yeah. I played this game a ton when it came out in Japan, and I even got further than the other guys who tried it in Japanese. I think I spent around 20-30 hours on it. What stopped me was some outrageous difficulty spike that occurred at the giant robot of doom. I think perhaps that it was so hard because I hadn't utilized the new ability system hardly at all up to that point, as I was not really able to fully comprehend it in Japanese. But yeah, I got to the giant robot and stopped. I wish I could somehow import my save from the Japanese one to an English copy. Oh well, such is life.

    As far as the experience itself, I think that there was really only one thing that bothered me about this game. Squeenix has generally made their games so that if you level up a bunch, any characters you get after that have a similar level. And that was also true for the original version of FF4. In the remake however, they changed it. So now no matter how much leveling you do after becoming a *****Spoiler***** p*l**in on the mountain **end spoiler**, the characters you get after that come at some stupid default level. I think that it bothered me most, because I did a crazy amount of leveling and got no reward other than that Cecil was awesome. It wasn't too hard to level like that though, seeing as it was portable and I was watching a TV series I had downloaded at the same time. But still... So disappointing.

    Edit: I was actually just going back and looking at my save, and right now I have 38 hours on it, and Cecil is level 80

  16. As far as games in genteral go, I really liked this racing game in which you raced with remote control cars through neighborhoods and stuff. Though the late game races are controller-snappingly frustrating. I think it was called RC racers or something like that. I never did win the game, though my brother looked up a cheat that would let you drive a UFO, which was pretty fun, but still frustrating in many ways.

    I played pretty far into Skies of Arcadia (for DC), but the fights just got so annoying. With the battle style that is in it, the fights themselves are not particularly entertaining,they just take so stinking long. Way too much camera time inbetween turns and things. I got to the point where I would start to fall asleep during every battle, and I just couldn't continue playing anymore. If not for the battles, I would say the game is freaking awesome. The ship battles are pretty fun, and the story is great. If I could have played with frame skip, or fast forward mode, I think it would have been much easier to stay involved with that game.

    I'll quit yapping now.

  17. Well, here I am. You managed to pull me out of my dark little corner. Until now I had never even chosen an avatar. I think the last time I looked there were something like 20 to choose from...

    Anyway, I picked the good commander because as a young child, beating the first one was one of my life ambitions. All my older siblings had done it, and I was determined to be as cool as them. After a few years of growing up and off-and-on playing, I was able to beat it, and boy did it feel good. I do remember being somewhat disappointed at the ending though. It just seemed so anti-climactic. Anyway, there you have it.

    I really like this thread. Gives people like me an excuse to actually post something, and it's fun to see all the non-regulars as well as the familiar... faces? Maybe not, but the names and sigs are though I guess.

  18. Would very much like music for a 2D platformer with shooting elements. Should resemble earlier Megaman games with slight sarcasm and witty characters. Main character is a complete D-bag. Will post concept art after this due to low battery at the moment. Is for a class, need a song by Sunday the 9th.

    Thank you once again!

    P.S. Rock and Roll elements appreciated.

    Your request would be taken a lot better if you just picked a few songs that have already been made/remixed, and then just pm'd the remixers and asked if you could use them. Not likely you will get something new in so short a time.

  19. I was just thinking about the awesomeness that is Super Dodge Ball. Gotta give that one a try. That one's got nostalgia written all over it for me. The music is also really good if I remember correctly.

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