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    Tron Legacy

    I saw it, and a couple of things about the character Tron bugged me. 1) His involvement felt so minimal. They could have pretty much just put some other character in and it would have been exactly the same. 2) SPOILER When Tron suddenly turned good, it felt utterly convenient without any cause pretty much. My thoughts were just like "Oh look, the only way they can get out of this is if Tron does something. Oh look, he is good suddenly. If they had shown throughout the film that Tron was fighting back against his... redness, then it might have made more sense. But it was just so dang convenient for him to suddenly change like that. Perhaps 'contrived' is a better word for it.
  2. Wow BoxeR just blew my mind. [spoilers] He just went with marines against banelings, not because they are good against banelings (they suck so hard normally), but because we wanted to show that you could. Kind of reminds me of Day9 a little bit. Woah he's going banshees? Guess I better make more reapers. What, he's flying his buildings? Guess I better make more roaches. [/spoilers] Can't wait to see the next matchup. Previous 2nd place against the Blizzcon first... Gonna be insane.
  3. Round of 8 starting up now. Pretty pumped for this last week's games.
  4. It's kind of funny. There is a Boxer poser playing tonight. The real boxer is going by SlayerSBoxeR, and then the poser guy is just called boxer. I kind of thought that with a name like that, the only way someone could ever take that name was if they were completely new to the sc scene. One thing that is super exciting now, is that the live stream is not going to be super late like it usually is. The one tonight is going to be at 9pm pacific. I'm really excited.
  5. The next season of the GSL has started. www.gomtv.net Fruit dealer is actually playing in the very first match, so something to look forward to. Also, if you bought a ticket last season, the tickets this season are cheaper for you. I got mine for 15 bucks. Lastly, they have hq VOD's if you purchase as well.
  6. Reaif

    Dota 2

    LOL! I love this. SO MUCH FUN!
  7. A quick google search yielded So it does indeed look like you can use custom models. The map editor is much more than just a map editor if you ask me.
  8. Reaif

    Dota 2

    All in all, I think I will get this game for four reasons. 1) The matchmaking (assuming it works as well as it should) will be refreshing and make getting into a game with similarly skilled people easy. HoN certainly taught us a lesson about how it is not done. SC2 is a good example of how it should be done. 2) I left WC3 partially because it was so ugly. I'm not a graphics whore (I play games on my snes all the time), but WC3 is so ugly. HoN fills the void graphically, but falls short in a few other ways. 3) The other reason I left DotA was because the environment was so hostile, that it left a bitter taste in my mouth. HoN was good for a while, but kind of moved towards that as well. DotA 2 seems to be intent on fostering a good environment, which I am all for. I just hope that it turns out well, and that everyone keeps it from decaying. 4) After having left DotA, I found the lack of Death Match mode in HoN rather depressing. Assuming that DotA 2 is indeed a direct remake of DotA, I don't think I will be disappointed in this regard.
  9. Reaif

    Dota 2

    Wow Bleck. Do you realize what your argument is really predicated on? You are basically continually saying "This is hard, therefore the mechanic sucks." And then when someone comes back with a reasonable argument, you just repeat yourself with different words. I played DotA for a long time. I started back when 5.85b was the current version. As far as creep denying goes, I don't really like it a whole lot. I'm not going to paint it as something it is not by calling it a bunch of names. I just don't like it. More a matter of personal taste. As far as their apparent decision to leave that mechanic in DotA 2 goes, I don't care terribly. At first I hated it in DotA when people started doing it, but as time went on and as I played HoN more, I got to be OK at it, and now am fairly competent at creep denying. I still don't love it, but am more than willing to put up with it to play what I think is a very enjoyable game. Edit: Additionally, I also didn't really like it when people started sniping enemy creeps. I was content to just miss out on most of the gold that creeps had to offer lol. But again, I latched on to the tactic when it became obvious that it reaped such grand rewards, and got to be fairly proficient.
  10. You have a point there, but seriously.
  11. Here's the kicker. Even though cheating the single player "couldn't hurt anyone", it actually can. Some people care about achievements. Most of us know how empty they are, but it means something to some people. Blizzard is protecting people who care, and hosing those who don't. Also, as proof that Blizzard DOES care about their fanbase and want this game to go far, look at the map editor. That one tool, made to be as powerful and user-friendly as possible, is not something they needed to include. The game is really good standing alone, but Blizzard gave people the power to do pretty much anything they want with the engine. You guys have seen the crazy things that can be done with it right?
  12. How many people actually read the EULA? I can see getting surprised, but there are so many people these days with an overgrown sense of entitlement it just makes me sick. If you REALLY want cheats, use the ones that were provided... whatever they are.
  13. It's good to ask yourself every now and then "What are my goals?" and kind of evaluate your situation. You don't have much time to do so, but it can really help for you to take a step back, evaluate where you are, and develope a quick strategy of some kind, even if it is something simple as "build an army with half hydralisks, half roaches, then apply some pressure so I can take another expansion." Also with creep tumors... I don't really play zerg so I can't really tell you what would be best, but I would try just looking down at the mini map every now and then and ask myself "Does the creep cover everything that I want to defend? yes/no. If yes, then does it cover everything that I want to attack? yes/no."
  14. Man... I hate zerg, but I LOVE mister fruit dealer. I don't know what kind of brain steroids that guy is on, but he is just man-handling everyone.
  15. I have to agree with this statement. He reminds of Flash when he started going crazy on everyone, but with Zerg. Oh and as an aside, I would recommend that everyone who is genuinely interested in the GSL to purchase the subscription thing. It is totally worth it in my book. Only 20 bucks for SO MANY hours of entertainment. It's something like 3 hours/day, 5 days/week for a month. It is good to support this kind of thing. GOMTV tried to get support for it before, but they charged a bit too much, no one wanted it, and so they stopped for over a year if I remember correctly. Now it is cheaper, and they have more content.
  16. Yeah I almost never build the command center on site anymore. Not unless it is either 1) really far away or 2) so close and easily defended that it would be suicide for the enemy to try. And I LOVED the last few days of GSL. Best so far by far. Can't wait for the round of 8.
  17. Reaif


    Just played the demo and subsequently purchased. Can't wait to start.
  18. Just wanted to share something that I found recently that has changed my play for the better since encountering it. Everyone who is interested in Starcraft 2 (or even the first one for that matter) should visit www.gomtv.net Gom TV is a Korean television studio that hosts very high stakes tournaments. For the current SC2 tournament, I believe that first place gets 100 mil Korean Wan. That comes to about 100,000 USD. Anyhow, the part about this that you should care about, is that they broadcast the games with ENGLISH commentary. Yes, they actually have two native English speakers on site who commentate live. To watch the games, you can go to their website and view them live 5 days a week at 4 AM central time (yes, we totally get screwed on that one), or you can get an account and watch all the recorded games at your leisure.
  19. I know this isn't exactly my thread and that the question wasn't directed towards me, but I'd like to offer up a little advice. I believe the reason that that card is making things worse is because of one major reason. The card is a pci video card. Pci is rather old and the bus doesn't run terribly fast, and graphics these days require much more than a standard pci bus can deliver. There are a few other things that could use some improvement on that card, but the type of card is a huge one. As far as what kind of card you should get, it really depends on what would be compatible with your system. Do you know what kind of video interface is on your motherboard? (Usually pci-express, or AGP if it is an older system). If it is pci-express, there are TONS of options available. If not, then you are much more limited.
  20. So I finished the campaign last night... Time to do it again! I'm going to focus more on achievements this time though. And I'll give it a go on hard mode as well. See how that turns out.
  21. Reaif

    Alien Swarm

    Wow that looks like fun. Especially with Co-op. I'll jump in. Looks like it should be available in 4 hours or so...
  22. I suppose that another reason games tend to enter people's hearts a little more is because they tend to be much more immersive than most other mediums. The additional immersion is a direct result of involving more of your senses than the other mediums, and because the player is directly in control, the player will usually associate him/herself with who or what they are controlling. And while it is true that a good book or movie can suck you in, nothing compares to starting up a REALLY good video game and then coming out of a trance 10 hours later when life rudely interrupts. Come to think of it though, I haven't had one of those crazy trances in a long time. Not since I grew up and had to be a part of life, what with having a job/school/family and all.
  23. Actually what you mentioned as far as the little mini tower goes is exactly what I have right now. Just a little micro atx board with one OS drive of 200gb, and then two data drives with 1.5TB each. It's also headless, and running Server 2008 (thank you Academic Alliance). And while that in and of itself is fine to have over in the corner, all the additional crap I have over there is beginning to wear on me. I have a custom built router using a mini-itx board (case made of legos), a switch (because my router only has 2 NICs in it), and a wireless access point. Normally I would just use a regular wireless router to cover those last 3 things, but mine broke, and I already had the mini-itx board and wireless access point. I figured I might as well jump on a slickdeal for an 8-port, gigabit switch which cost me 15 bucks and just call it good. In any case, it seemed a good idea to condense everything into one place where cable management can be super easy, and then just shove the whole package into a closet and be done with it. Oh and on a side note... did you ever get the chance to make your mineral oil pc?
  24. I'll post, because I was wondering... You have much experience building servers Brad? Namely rackmount ones? I've been scouring the webs and have found some pretty good stuff in the server section at Newegg, but have just been deliberating endlessly. I have a server at home for my media which also hosts a really basic http and ftp server, and a custom built router. Lately though I've been looking in that corner of the room and thinking that it would be nice to have a good neat rack with everything lined up nicely. I was thinking of buying just buying a 2u or 3u chassis with psu and just moving my current server into it until I can afford better innards, but... again, endlessly deliberating.
  25. My wife is actually huge into Vacaloids, and has been listening to stuff where they were used for years... or at least about since their inception. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan, but she showed me a few songs done where I can't help but be blown away by the presentation. Namely this one, and especially this one. It has quite a lot to do with the associated personality of Kaito, but even still, quite entertaining. Also, as with any instrument/tool, there is a time and a place. Really amazing things can be done if the right tool is used in the right place. Look at . The dialog in that is totally messed up and awkward, but the presentation makes it amazing.
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