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  1. I'm actually really surprised that this one was not mentioned. It may not be considered a very good game, but it definitely is a classic....

    Anyone remember PaperBoy? I think that was one of the games that the nes came with for a while... Not sure though. I spent a decent amount of my life just playing that game, and never finishing it. Pretty hard game for me when I was 8 or so. I don't know if I will ever go back though.

  2. Out of curiosity, what anime music composers do you guys listening to or what anime OST(s) did you like? Strangely, I've been on the lookout for animes with a entertaining OST as of late: whether the anime is good or bad, I could care less (weird, I know). Since Shakugan no Shana II and Over Drive, I've been on a Ko Otani craze as of late; Unless my information is wrong, I'm quite surprised Hitoshi Sakimoto did the Romeo x Juliet OST; I haven't heard from Yoko Kanno since Sousei no Aquarion although I hear she's doing the Macross Frontier OST; I still haven't gotten around to listening to Yuki Kajiura's .hack OSTs enough; and some others I know I'm forgetting to mention but won't because my rant is long enough 8-O

    I really love the music from Tsubasa. Kind of a hard album to find (at least for me), but well worth it. Also, a lot of the music from clamp stuff is quite good.

  3. I love building computers. Although I haven't been able to work with much BTX equipment yet, I haven't put one together since about may of '06.

    BTX stuff is kind of hard to find. Newegg doesn't really offer much in that area. I guess motherboards themselves aren't too hard to find. It's the cases that actually are meant for btx and take advantage of the layout that are hard to find. There are cases here and there that support it, but they were really just atx cases slightly modified to use btx.

    Here's a good board I found while looking around the web.


  4. Hey thanks everyone. It looks like purchasing it will probably give the best result even if the other stuff is free.

    All y'all's may be interested on knowing perhaps why I want this. My wife and I are going to Anime Oasis this year and she was planning on performing this in full out opera. She has a nice little skit planned out before hand so that it makes sense why she is even singing it in the first place. Anyway, the videos of the masquerade (sp?) will probably be all over youtube anyway so, if you're interested, look it up... when the time comes.

  5. Hey thanks for the info. As for the sound editing software solution, that might just do it for me. As for the location where things can be downloaded, that's not exactly what I was refering to, but it would work. I was really just wondering if there was even a place where minus tracks can be purchased. Like some kind of theater store that sold things like that for productions. Of course, things like that might require a special liscence to purchase and so on and so forth with problems that oculd arise.

    As for getting back to the subject, I will try what you suggested.

  6. I have a song and I really need to strip the vocals out of it, so that my wife can perform it. I know that there are versions of songs out there that have vocals removed. So really what I am asking for is 1. Is there a piece of software that removes vocals? or 2. Is there a general place where I might find said song which already has vocals removed? (AKA minus track)

    The song I am looking for is from Mozart's The Magic Flute and more specifically, the 2nd Queen of the Night aria. German names are Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) and Der Holle Rache

    I know this is not really OCR related, but it's the only place I could think of to get this kind of information.

  7. So, I saw this with the intent that my wife could sing for you guys. I haven't read the whole thread, but the idea is pretty cool. My wife sings a very good coloratura opera style. if you want an audition I might be able to come up with some stuff that she's done. The reason I bring this up is because she is very interested in doing some video game stuff like this and it didn't look like you guys had any female vocalists. Anyway, that is all. PM me or email me...

  8. I'm married, though I don't frequent the forums very much these days. Guess maybe that's why I don't frequent them anymore. lol. Been married now for just over a year. Loving it. I highly recommend marriage to anyone considering it.

  9. I've got a DS question: What games have I missed that I should really take a look at? Here's a list of what I've played through so far (or am currently playing):

    Castlevania (both of them)

    Final Fantasy III

    Phoenix Wright (both of them...yes!)

    Yoshi's Island DS

    Kirby (both of them)

    Animal Crossing

    Sonic Rush

    Mario 64

    Elite Beat Agents (and the Japanese one)

    Trauma Center

    Metroid Prime: Hunters

    "" Pinball


    Super Monkey Ball

    Super Princess Peach

    Tetris DS

    New Super Mario Bros.

    Star Fox Command

    Cooking Mama

    Clubhouse Games

    Hotel Dusk

    Custom Robo Arena

    FF Chocobo Fables

    Pokemon Pearl

    Megaman ZX

    Dragon Quest Adventures: Rocket Slime

    I'm especially on the lookout for good RPG's, even though I know they're few and far between on portable systems. Thanks in advance to anyone answering my question!

    Etrian Oddysy is really good. I've been playing it and it's kind of like those really old school first person dungeon games where you can make notes and stuff on the map, but this time you get to draw the map as well. a little hard to start, but quite fun none the less.

  10. I was under the impression that there were certain spells, mainly the later ones that they don't give you till the very end, that just won't go off until they are the "star" of the show, meaning that it is the only majorly graphical thing going on at the time. And if there is another spell in the process, it is more than willing to wait until the stage is free. I know for a fact that I've done multiple -ara and -aga spells while I've had to wait forever while on the other hand my guys take turns being wasted and trying to cast flare. it was really depressing to me that you couldn't just mass flare and all those other mean spells.

    In summary, I don't think it matters too much whether you are in active or wait mode, but that it's the type of spells you cast that determine that crazy wait time.

  11. Been a long time since the orignal thread. In fact, I think that the original reason I joined OCR is because of that old thread. Anyway, I was just wondering if this is mostly for the new one coming out or for the old one(s) we already have, or if it's just for everything relating to smash.

  12. then wait till you fight Omega Weapon Mk XII, even with Bubble, and Protect, and whatever, 2 (sometimes 3) hits normal attack = dead :lol:

    I heard of him. I still think it would be easier than Gilgamesh with me and my limited spells and crap. I had no -ga spells. All just single ones. With Omega, at least you could have every spell at your command, and lots of good weapons and to boot. I knew Gilgamesh had lots of good stuff on him so I decided to go for the kill a little early. I know what you mean though. My bro said that battle took him 2 hours or so. I don't even have that much consecutive time for games anymore.

  13. Maybe I'm mixed up here, but aren't component cables only compatible with early Gamecube models? Just a slight precaution, maybe.

    Yeah, you have to have one of the very early ones. I was looking into this recently and I decided it would be better to just buy a WII and get a component cable for that. So I bought a WII and am just waiting until I can afford one of those new cables.

  14. I fought Gilgamesh on FF12 at level 60. took me 45 minutes or so and was freaking hard. dang near had me at the end. He had one move that would kill all my guys except one, and he had to have bubble and be at full hp to survive.

    On another note, I don't know if this has been covered or not, but pretty much all the bosses on Blaster Master were freaking hard... unless you used the grenade and pause trick. But that doesn't work on all of them so you just have to deal on those ones.

  15. I would recomend the following.

    -Broken Sky (series) even though I can't remember who the author was. It's as if an anime became a novel. very good.

    -The Dark is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper - this one is a great read, everyone should read it.

    -The Belgariad - David Eddings - good fantasy series of about 5 books.

    -Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card - If you haven't at least heard of this one then I'll be quite surprised. awesome sci fi.

    -Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zalazny - really good sci fi. has a lot of 200ish page books. highly recomended.

    That's all I can think of for now that haven't already been mentioned. Maybe I'll think of more.

  16. I'm having trouble loading that site. Someone want to post what model it is?

    It's called the Via Epia NL. Via being the manufacturer.

    On the other hand Pyrion, thanks for the link. Though it's not quite small enough in that the form factor I'm looking for is nano itx. I haven't yet tried pricewatch. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.

    EDIT: ok, for anyone who is interested, I did manage to find a website where the same motherboard is $40 cheaper (being $340), but it's still a bit expensive. Now though I don't feel like I'm chopping my own arm off. plus, it ships from within the US! Anyway, the website is www.logicsupply.com I'm not quite sure how reliable they are, but they seem pretty legit.

  17. yeah, I saw a bunch of projects at mini itx and just wanted to make my own. the mobo is 12 by 12 cm and the GC chassis is about 11.5 by 17 cm so it might be a bit tricky, but i think you could make up the difference with creative use of a dremel.

    anyway, if i can't get this one, maybe i'll get a slightly bigger, more powerful mobo and do a ps2 pc instead.

  18. So, I want to buy a certain mother board which can be seen here.


    And the only place I can find it at is www.mini-itx.com , which is notorious for being twice as expensive as newegg and other online computer stores. A memory chip that should cost $50 to $60 would cost about $100 there. My problem is that I can't find a reliable web site at which I can actually buy said motherboard. Anyone have any ideas where I can reliably get this thing at a less-than-outrageous price? I'd appreciate it a lot.

    p.s. The reason I want this motherboard is because I want to put a PC inside of a Gamecube chassis and, of course, I need a very small motherboard to do so. thanks.

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