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  1. Still a fan and probably always will be. Keep up the great work. Incidentally, this track reminded me more of Cave Story (of all things) than Descent 2. That can be attributed to the fact that I played with the Redbook audio and had just listened to the credits midi for the first time before downloading this one, but I still quite enjoyed it.
  2. Ah ha, the music from map16 of evilution... very nice and mysterious sounding. BTW, that sound at 2:07 is the sound of a Spider Mastermind (Doom 1's final boss) waking up.
  3. Very nicely done, and I don't say that just because I'm partial to Doom, but it's an excellent rendition of Final Doom's best piece (IMO). Although, some of the new level music is good listening as well. Perhaps this track stuck out more because the original version was one of the most depressing midis I've ever heard, and I like what has been done to spice it up.
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