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  1. Hi guy! um just starting here, soon a'll submit a remix of Gemical Plant - Sonic 2, in House style, original name: Pink Water Pollution. say: you are a judge? if you are, dont forguet to listen the myne. ok?

  2. that was an awesome vid, bro :D

  3. Recorded a short synth solo recently:

  4. Greetings! I use Reason&Record, recently got my hands on Reason 5 & Record 1.5, also i got myself an Electric Guitar (Fender Strat) lately will need some modification before i can start putting it to heavy use. When using Reason i strongly recommend having a midi-keyboard plugged in at all times, the creative flow is incredible. I use an around 10 year old Roland Rs-5 synth as a midi input and play 99% of all things in my work on the keyboard. Though the pitch bend has broken down due to my abuse of it :P so i will be upgrading as soon as possible, possibly to a korg triton. Drums are programmed.

  5. Nice to see a sign of life in this thread
  6. What gear do you use?

  7. hehe i know, im kinda pissed i didnt see this earlier, i did check in on the projects forums some months ago but must have missed this... too bad anyways keep me informed if you decide to go for bonus material i would love to join, otherwise good luck with the project!
  8. I woud be interested in joining if an opening should present itself. Keep me informed! Cheers / Steve
  9. i love your music.

  10. I really love this tune! The original is great, and this captures the same spirit, and yet, takes the song to the next level. Really fantastic!' /Steve
  11. Brand new reunion signature niiiiice
  12. Well, i think the game concept is explained in detail on www.gravitronultra.com but the basic aspect is that you avoid being sucked into the black hole by gathering gravity orbs. These also acts as shields, because, if an enemy hits your base with a special projectile called Super-Ping, the base loose all the orbs, but if only one of the orbs gets hit, only that orb gets disconnected from your base. As the black hole gets more active, the more orbs you have attached to your base, the more slowly you get sucked into the hole, so the team that lives longest wins. Also, there are currently three
  13. Hi! Just thought id fill you guys in on what ive been up to lately During 2,5 months before this summer me and two classmates put together a game called Gravitron Ultra. We developed it using Microsofts XNA game studio. The goal was to win the competition Swedish Game Awards, wich had a category named "best XNA game". To make a long story short, we developed the game and we won the competition, we where also nominated in the "best PC game" category. After that, the game got nominated in the swedish version of ".Net awards" by Microsoft wich is really nice, and now, we are also amongst the t
  14. Be sure to check the site out for my latest release "Mindstorm"! www.reunionstudio.org Also, if think you have what it takes to release something at reunion, dont be shy, contact Platonist and submit some material ! Old or new, doesnt matter, the important part is getting cool fresh music out to people ! We want reunion to grow to a collective of creative minds willing to experiment and explore new territory! If anybody has feedback on the sites new look, its also very welcome! As said, a "shoutbox" functionality is in the works so hopefully youll be able to leave your footprints there soon!
  15. yay!!! Ive been looking forward to this! Site is looking great! Lets hope this will inspire more people to visit the site, and more artists to submit music! I hope the shoutbox will be ready soon!!
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