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  1. I have no idea what those are so no, and besides since this was done on Reason, it doesn't even support vsts.
  2. Hello again, here's another short one (2:17) I've been working on lately. It's sorta chiptunish because of the melodies, and since I'm planning on putting some cartoon samples on top of it as well, let's call it...a chiptoon? It's also probably the happiest song I've ever made. So, here: EDIT: go see last post
  3. Hi friends! Here's a short one I pulled together in a couple of days. I took an acoustic guitar sample and saw if I could work something around it. Take a listen and let me know what you think should be fixed, etc. Thanks! http://files.getdropbox.com/u/135436/aguitsamples.mp3
  4. I dunno, could also be that some people don't keep mashups in high regard. In other words, they don't feel that it's "real music", but a ripoff of other people's stuff. Which I don't blame them for, I'm not a huge mashup-fan myself. I gave a listen to your song, and it was good I guess. It's still a mashup though Saying that, as a mashup it was done better than some of the mashups I've heard. Whether or not it has B. Spears in it, doesn't make a difference to me.
  5. Death's Armada: I like the intro! Way to boost the track into action from the very first seconds. I also like the guitars that follow afterwards, the sound quality is good in them. The snare needs humanization, I guess the velocities are all on the same level, making it sound like a drum machine. Try playing around with the velocities a bit, no drummer hits the snare always at the same power. Some toms would fit here too. The small breakdown is nice, it ables you to change the riff. However, some sloppiness can be heard in the guitars (sudden pauses). The rest of the song sounds good, although I'd like to hear some heavy Em bass during the guitar "solo". Not very keen on the ascending synth melody, mostly about the choice of sound, but it's not bad. In overall, a nice metal song. Good job. Agency: Another nice intro. Interesting guitars (I think they are guitars) Again, the rhythm guitars sounds good, although they become a little muffled when the synth melody kicks in. The melody itself is very good however. Weird melodies in the middle, but I like them Just noticed, that the synth sounds kinda like something out of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, that's a good thing. Some humanization on the drums would work here too, I think it's all in the same velocity. Given there's a lot of stuff playing at the same time, it's well mixed. Maybe a little muddy, so some people might not like that, but I don't think metal (especially metal such as this) needs to be perfectly clear. The fadeout I didn't like that much, I think you should either expand it, making the fadeout longer, or have a different ending altogether. So, there you have it, my thoughts of the two songs. For the most part I really enjoyed them, so congrats. :> There's room for improvement, but your work certainly is not crappy.
  6. Alright, I re-recorded the one line that had an error in it (and that only, I'm a lazy guy ;P) I also tried a different eq on the bass, hopefully a bit better than the last one. The link in the first post is the current one.
  7. =D I'm glad you find them amusing, especially considering I came up with them in approximately an hour, while trying to get some sleep. Then I just wrote them down, went to sleep, and recorded the day after. Thanks for pointing out the mistake in the lyrics, I'll see if I get around to correcting that error
  8. The model is a bit hard to explain, so here's a picture of it. You may laugh if you want to. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/Other/MyMic.jpg About the chorus sounding like the Fievel vid; I can hear some resemblance, but that's totally coincidental, as I've not seen that film ever. The melody of the chorus is, however, something that I imagined might have been done before.
  9. jabond23: For composing, equalizing, writing notes, drawing red blocks, etc. I used Reason 3. For the snare and toms I used Kenardency drum refill, otherwise it's Reason's own sounds. Also the slap bass, horns, and marimba are Reason's own sounds. I did not play those myself, I used the mouse and keyboard -method. For the guitar I used Guitar Rig 3 and the Heavy Sonic -preset (IIRC). Dual track rhythm guitar (about 85% left and right), and a little less gain compared to lead guitar. I played those myself. Lead has a little bit of reverb (and delay) added afterwards. Vocals were recorded with a shitty mic (not kidding) in Adobe Audition, and some eq and reverb was added later. The chorus includes seven to eight "me's" singing the same thing, although I changed the pitch in a couple of the tracks later. They are also randomly panned (ranging from about -50% to 50%). What else...can't think of anything. I guess that was about it
  10. A mixture of many different genres with vocals. Here goes. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/Quagmire.mp3 The lyrics: The game is on, we've got a crappy team We're gonna get our asses kicked unlike we've ever seen We've lost a lot of games, it's very hard to comprehend I wonder if our losing streak will ever ever end When it comes to this sport, we say we are the kings But anytime there's a major game we're always losing I won't live long enough to see them win and tell the tale Let's face it we are nothing but an epic fail We are not gonna win anything We are not gonna win anything We are not gonna win anything Our team sucks, we ain't winning anything We lose again, so what do we do We go all apeshit like we live in a zoo In our drunken rampage we go beat people up And continue until the police tells us to stop Why do we act like this, one might ask Answering that question is a difficult task Centuries of inbreeding has affected our brain Maybe it would be better if we all were slain Lemme hear ya That's right Oh yeah One more time First of all, sorry about the singing I hope it's not totally terrible, I'm really not a clean vocals guy, although the singing in this particular song would be more like rapping, I think. This song is still a wip (I started doing it two days ago), so please, leave comments if you feel like something's not right in the mix. Also, if there's some errors in the lyrics grammatically, let me know, okay? Rock on.
  11. First of all, direct copy paste from VGmix boards: -------------END OF COPYPASTE------------------------------- Now, afterwards I got an idea of tossing the flute and trying to sing it. Well, it didn't work, because a. I can't sing. Now, if there's someone here who thinks he (or she) can sing, and would like to try singing the lyrics (aka, flute melody), let me know and I'll contact you (and give you a file that doesn't have the flute, accompanied with the original song. I hope that won't give me lawsuits). Here are the lyrics as they'd go: This luck you can't buy Won't touch you this time One day this dirty stool pigeon will fly Halos and charmed lives I'll help you next time One day this dirty stool pigeon will fly And hear the angels sing Reach out and spread my wings in hell Your luck has run dry Caught in the bulls-eye Today this pretty little birdy will die Will die Will die No singing tonight Alright I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
  12. First of all, this is a joke song. Now when that's out of the way... Here's a little something that started out as a drunken idea on last Saturday. Me and my roommate were drinking, and suddenly I figured "hey, how about we do a rap!!?" He thought, okay, and then we just started throwing random ideas (and basslines), while not much thought was given altogether. We did the first two minutes of the song in about twenty minutes, during which I spilt beer on my pants and had to wipe the floor. Afterwards we continued drinking. The next morning I remembered we had done something, and we decided to continue the song. Also, at this point I got the idea of inviting two of my other friends to co-operate. Bare in mind none of the three guys are musicians, I'm barely one myself So, we finished the song during the day and recorded some of the "rap". Unfortunately, because of schedule problems, we couldn't finish the song until now, which was somewhat against my original idea, that was to finish the whole song during hangover. But what can ya do. Let me say this once more, this is a joke song, you can give feedback and comments, you may or may not like it, I don't think I will improve it in anyway, etc etc. It's meant to be a little sucky (just like rap in general HAR HAR j/k)We had fun doing it, I hope you'll have at least a little fun listening to it. The song's in Finnish, but I'll give you the lyrics and the translation. The link: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/Riihen_iltakaljoittelijat.mp3 Lyrics (and the performers of each line): Verse1: Dise: Morjesta vaan mitä kuuluu teiän iltaan Haaska: Paskaaks täs, aion juua kunnes tilttaan Hyde: Vittu jätkä sul ei oo elämää Haaska: No elä sä rupee siinä lässyttää Hyde: Otakko huikkaa täs ois salmarii Dise: Keittiössä thaikku keittää kalmarii Haaska: Hyi vittu ku on paha haju Hyde: Mut uskosin et ihan vitun hyvä maku Haaska:Oottakaas vähän, pakko mennä kuselle Ihan pienestä kii etten tuu omille housuille No saatana, niin siinä kävi että lirahti Taskussa puhelin vähän pahaan saumaan pirahti Dise:No ei siinä mitään senkut näyttelet vaan Niinku moista ei ois päässyt sattumaankaan Jos joku sanoo et täällä haisee, ookse sinä Niin huuda heti ja kovaa etten ainakaan minä Chorus: Phann:Tänä iltana otamme kaljaa Jauhamme paskaa ja nostamme maljaa kusisella mikillä kusista räppiä huonoa englantia, shittiä, cräppiä Dise:meillä on fiitteinä isoja starboja, hyde, phann ja haaska, perus riihen urpoja Haaska:hei mulla ois sulle vähän askaa tää biisi on ihan silkkaa paskaa Verse 2: Dise:Epäröiden avaan uuden pullon korkin Pillua paljain sormin sorkin Välillä otan pikku huikkaa Korkilla voi heittää vaikka kuikkaa Muija on varsinainen munahaukka Pakoonpääsyyn ei auta edes laukka Hommasta saldona on vain tippuri Hyvä mauste pihivissä on pippuri Hyde: hei, eiks toi oo aika nolo riimi? Dise: älä siinä vittuile ei tää oo kovin iisii Haaska: rauhotu mies, maista vaikka tätä viskii ota suoraan pullosta ni ei tuu tiskii Dise: Olipas hyvää tää taitaa olla kallista Haaska: Paskat, Black velvettii alkon halvinta Dise:No ehkä se ei oo ihan parasta laatua Mut otetaan vielä yhdet ja odotellaan aamua Chorus: Phann:Tänä iltana otamme kaljaa Jauhamme paskaa ja nostamme maljaa kusista räppiä kusisella mikillä biisinkin osat on vedetty repeatilla Dise:meillä on fiitteinä isoja starboja, hyde, phann ja haaska, perus riihen urpoja Haaska:hei mulla ois sulle vähän askaa tää biisi on ihan silkkaa paskaa Verse 3: Phann:hei kaverit, mäkin tulin käymään täällä kuulemma on bileet tänään onks jääkaapissa tilaa, laitan oluet kylmään kenes mikki tää on, antakaa mäkin vähän räppään jou jou, no ei nyt oikein irtoo runosuoli tukossa, otetaas vähänk keittoo sehän tunnetusti saa räpin lähtemään ottaks joku muu, kossu on helvetin hyvää ja kylmääkin vielä, tää riihen parveke on opiskelijan pakastearkun vastine ja siitä puheenollen, voisin hakea oluen monennenkohan, viidennen vai kuudennen no ei kai sil oo välii, tänään juhlitaan ja huomenna krapulapeikon kanssa painitaan (äitis kans) ainii, se räppi, nyt mullois pari juttuu hei mitä vittua, joko tää verse loppu? Chorus: Phann:Tänä iltana otamme kaljaa Jauhamme paskaa ja nostamme maljaa kusisella mikillä kusista räppiä huonoa englantia, shittiä, cräppiä Dise:meillä on fiitteinä isoja starboja, hyde, phann ja haaska, perus riihen urpoja Haaska:hei mulla ois sulle vähän askaa tää biisi on ihan silkkaa paskaa THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION (no effort in making the sentences rhyme) Verse1: Dise: What's up, how's your evening Haaska: I'm excited, I'm going to drink 'til I tilt Hyde: Fuck, man, you have no life Haaska: Don't start talking rubbish Hyde: Do you want a sip, here's salmiac vodka Dise: The thai is cooking squid in the kitchen Haaska: Yuck, what an awful stentch Hyde: But I believe the taste is fucking great Haaska:Wait a second, I gotta take a piss It's only a matter of time before I pee my pants Oh fuck, it happened after all The phone in my pocket rang at a bad time Dise:Don't worry about it, just act like it never happened If someone says "it smells in here, is it you?" Just shout out loud immediately "it ain't me!" Chorus: phann:Tonight we shall drink beer Talk shit and raise our glasses Shitty rap with a shitty mic Bad english, shit and crap Dise:We're featuring big stars Hyde, phann and Haaska Ordinary assholes of Riihi Haaska:Hey I've got something to tell you This song is utter shit Verse2: Dise: In doubt I open up another bottle Prod a pussy with bare fingers Every now and then I take a sip One can throw the bottlecap at a bird, for example The chick is a true cockwhore Even gallop won't help in an escape In the end all there is, is a venereal disease Pepper is a good spice with a steak Hyde: Hey, isn't that rhyme pretty embarassing? Dise: Don't be a prick, this ain't so easy Haaska: Calm down, man, taste this whiskey Straight from the bottle so there won't be any dishes Dise: That was good, it must be expensive Haaska: Fuck no, it's Black Velvet, the cheapest of the store Dise: Well maybe it's not the best brand there is But let's take another one and await the morning Chorus: phann:Tonight we shall drink beer Talk shit and raise our glasses Shitty rap with a shitty mic Even parts of the song are repeated Dise:We're featuring big stars Hyde, phann and Haaska Ordinary assholes of Riihi Haaska:Hey I've got something to tell you This song is utter shit Verse3: Phann: Hey friends, I came to visit too I hear there's a party here Is there any room in the fridge, I'll put my beers in there Whose mic is this, let me rap a little too Yo yo, I can't think of anything right now I'm having a writer's block, let's take some booze It's a well-known fact it makes the rap fly Does someone else want it, the vodka is damn good And cold too, this balcony of Riihi is the substitute of a student's freezer speaking of which, I'll go get a beer I wonder how many I've had, is this the fifth or sixth Well I guess it doesn't matter, tonight we'll party and tomorrow wrestle with a hangover troll (with your mom) oh right, the rap, I've got a few things on my mind now hey what the fuck, is this verse over already? Chorus: phann:Tonight we shall drink beer Talk shit and raise our glasses Shitty rap with a shitty mic Bad english, shit and crap Dise:We're featuring big stars Hyde, phann and Haaska Ordinary assholes of Riihi Haaska:Hey I've got something to tell you This song is utter shit
  13. (Almost) direct paste from the VGmix boards, I'm lazy heh I'd like to present my mini-project to you, which I've made during partly last fall and partly this January-February. It's comprised of two songs: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/Matryoshka.mp3 Part I: Matryoshka, which is more of a "in-your-face"-stylish made last fall mostly for fun actually and http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/Bru_Doll.mp3 Part II: Bru Doll, a more atmospheric song I guess. Bru is still perhaps a WIP, so I may do some corrections to it if I feel like it and if I should. ALSO!! I made a sort of a music video to Bru today, using clips from the movie Dead Silence (from the makers of Saw). I'd prefer if you watched it first before listening to the mp3 to get a better idea what it's all about (I hope), and of course in high quality. The link (please note the embed might not work because of the &fmt=18 in the url. Using the link at the top works) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH25DZfeD6s&fmt=18 I hope you like the songs. Also, please comment/add suggestions on how to improve the Bru song if you got something on your mind. I won't alter the video, it was a pain in the ass to do even that thanks to Adobe Premiere fucking with me, but like I said, I may work with the actual song later. Thanks in advance!
  14. Technically this is not an update, but if anyone wants to keep the track, here it is with correct tags. I'm not planning on updating it anymore. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/Viimeinen_Darra.mp3 Also, here are the lyrics in case anyone's interested: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/diseadasdas.txt
  15. Yeah well the drum samples I use are from a free pack called Kenardency's Drums, which I am sure most of you have heard of. I'm still trying to find a better drum library for Reason, since that's the only software I use for composing. Sadly it seems all the good ones are for things like Fruity Loops...
  16. Also, as for the bass, it's played with the same guitar using Picked Bass Deep -preset (I think), but after recording I lowered the pitch in Adobe Audition by an octave. Then I added a bit of Scream Distortion, and turned the bass knob in the mixer to the max. I also strengthened the lows in Scream Distortion. It still might not sound exactly like a true bass, but I think it's still a lot better than using bass samples.
  17. My guitar is a pre-teen Fender Squier (meaning it's about 9 or 10 years old, I know I should get a new guitar), that might have seen some abuse during its cycle As for recording, I use Guitar Rig 3's Ubersonic preset, except for the delay and reverb, which I've shut down. I recorded everything twice, then panned them hard left and hard right. Also, after recording and adding the tracks to Reason 3, I put just a liiiiitle bit of high eq and a slight bass boost (I don't do that normally but I did for this song). In the previous version (v.1) I had cut all the low frequencies, which probably was partly the reason why the guitars sounded the way they did (I don't know why I had done that). Hope that answers your question!
  18. A small update: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/FalseAssumption_v2.mp3 Nothing too major though. I removed the synth bass it previously had and laid my own (except to the last part). I also tried to make the guitars less ugly. I'll work on the NES melodies in a couple of days, to give them more variety. If you think it's any better, let me know. (Or, of course if it's worse or if it sounds the same to you) :>
  19. Alright, it took a while but here's a new version: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/Versio3.mp3 (I skipped one version number ;P) Includes vocals! (Half of them performed by me, half by my friend, who wrote most of the lyrics. Which are in finnish btw, sorry) If there's anything that you feel should be fixed, let me know okay? This song kinda has a deadline of 21st for undiscussed reasons so I want it to be as good as possible by then.
  20. Triple post but anyway, if you think there are some parts in the timeline that are especially bad when it comes to either the lead being too weak, the guitar being too muddy, the drums un-audible, let me know, so I can see where else it needs the most work, you know, to give me reference. Thanks.
  21. And Willrock, yeah those are the sources I used.
  22. Awright, I appreciate the input you all have been giving. I'll add more variety to the lead (I'm keeping the sample, just because it's somewhat my thing when it comes to leads), meaning more vibrato etc etc, it's easy to do... Noted the drum thing too; atm the kick is one of the free Kenardency kicks; I'll see if there's anything better. The guitar muddiness is, again, the one thing I'm gonna need the most assistance with, since it's been a major factor in all of my remixes. I don't know if it's because my guitar is crappy (actually it is, an old abused piece of asdasd), or if I'm using the wrong preset for that kinda stuff, but I'll see if I can make it stand out more without drowning everything else. Tips and pointers on the case are naturally more than welcome so if you've got something creative to say, go ahead. It helps a lot as it is, though, so thanks again to all of you.
  23. Source (I hope you have an NSF player): http://www.zophar.net/download_file/8760 The tracks used : 1/11 (the end section) & 3/11 Neko: Icky? Well...if you can elaborate, then I'll see what I can do. Re-recording is no problem, as I'm grown very accustomed to it by now, but if it's just the eq you're having a problem with, let me know and I'll adjust it to the best of my knowledge. Also, the final section is supposed to be a bit sudden, but if it's that much of a negative, I'll rework on it. Thanks for the comments!
  24. So, while waiting for that one collab song to finish (still waiting for one bridge-part, and after that we can begin recording, yay!), I thought I'd create a new remix. So, here it is: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/False_Assumption_v1.mp3 As the thread title implies, the source is Batman for the NES, though it's got lots of original stuff too in it. Also, it's very NES-synth -heavy (Tensei would kill me for using that term; "It's Sine Wave arrgagrgrgarg") and blah blah. Length is 5:48, file size is ~9 mb. Comments?
  25. 8-Bit Metal: It was done in 24 hours on Sunday, 7th of September. The lyrics aren't finished yet, so I guess it takes another week or so to record them. Also, while I'll add them, I will more than likely add more instruments/tweak it more once I hear how the lyrics work in there (I don't wanna drown them). Therapsid: That's the plan
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