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  1. Holy Shit. This song just put me in a good mood. I have to say this is definitely one of the more fun remixes on this site based purely on ease of listening to it. I would any day throw this on a Cd player and be like listen and observe the pinnacle of boombastic bass loving technotronic electronic melodic sytnthesizing over sweet effects and kicks. The simplicity is what makes this song rock. People often say "How can you like techno, it all sounds the same." Well, if you like one techno song than you like them all. So it's almost better that way. Anyways, I have to give mega props to Beatdrop on brightening my day. To more technical critique: 1. I personally like the synth intro, draws you towards whats to come. 2. The build up to nothing around 0'39 is a nice effect, not over used most direct techno is beat build up in the form of tension and release, this song is more tension, tension, and then release. 3. I like the bass patch, it really sounds sweet around 2'00 4. The break down around 2'39 is very welcomed and leads beautifully into 3'00 where the background synth comes back and rocks with a very nice full not cluttered but full sound. 5. ::high five:: to Beatdrop, I really really enjoyed it.
  2. After listening to this song the first time, it didn't really stick with me, upon listening to it again with more attention payed to it, well it's alright. I am a real big fan of the original which I listened to for at least a half hour straight in the middle of the game instead of advancing dialouge. I like the intro and its slight tribal maybe even Korean feel with the clave/cymbal interplay, and the intro does enhance the song, though the whole song seems like it was meant just to stick a chorus in it. I dont think I could do any better which is why my hats off to Jared ,but its nothing that most people couldn't have done. I don't hear any Jared in the song it needed more Jared less Mitsuda.
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