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  1. Yeah, I'm needing some special vocals for my song , I just wanted to know if anyone could help it's not like you have to sing but only record your voice yelling "The Trumpet In My Head!", it should last 1.5 seconds. I would do it myself, but my voice isn't made for this hehe and I don't have a good mic. Any advice, and help would be helpful. If you know of other board where I could request them or if you have a friend...anything helps. Thanks! P.S.: if you have doubts, or want to talk to me, just post, pm me, or add me to your msn, the adress is in my profile.
  2. You can import midi files with the "Open..." option that's under "File" in Floops . You can also import other file types like zips or floops saves,etc. but the import process is just the same... If you want to import wav or mp3 files just go to "Channels"->"Add one..."-->"Sampler". Then click on the sampler channel and click where the "none" is, now you can import it. I wouldn't mind using the floops samples but with the time you'll definetly want to download some vsts (virtual instruments, which most have great quality), soundfonts and the sort. For that, I recommend you read the tuto
  3. Well, I have exactly 1 wav, 1 vst and 4 soundfonts running. I've got also 10 fx in their racks, using only emule and that's draining 95% of my pc, you think that's normal? In Audio Settings I've got "Use Polling" checked, and the DirectDrive bar is full to the right. Sample Rate 44.100 and linear interpolation.
  4. If fruity loops gets stuck with only 5 effects, what is it that I need, a better soundcard or more ram? I just can't figure out the solution...
  5. I've been wanting to say this for a long time now. Best techno rave around here. great work standby
  6. Omega Weapon FFV of course...
  7. Try not to render the song with any sync depth, it messes up some sf sometimes.
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