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  1. this remix reminded me in every way of a retarded 6 year old girl on speed with her head in a toilet. but, being that i like retarded 6 year old girls on speed with their heads in toilets, I thought it was an all right mix. it wasn't glamorous by any means, but hey, it was pretty good, the guitar worked all right. don't hate.
  2. I beg to differ that a boss in a game is impossible. The last boss in the Japanese Hard Version of Final Fantasy 4 is practically impossible, I've never done it. Yes, in Final Fantasy 2 US and also in the easy translated version of FF4 Jap, it was very easy and so was leveling up, but it was all impossible on the Japanese version. My people were like level 60 and they got slaughtered in one hit. Most Final Fantasy games you can beat the boss by level 40 or so, so I know this wasn't just a lack of skill or ability on my part.
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