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  1. Ok. This isn't bad. It gets really tiring quickly.... I could use something like acoustic guitar or something. The pads and drums are nice at first but variation is needed (this is to the remixer himself). Also, don't like the ending... needs something warmer and more final. As to the singing... Hmmm... even for 2 takes I'm just not sure on the vocals. You sound a bit like you're doing karaoke not like you own the song. practice it, put lots of feeling into it. I know singing is an intensly personal thing... you have a nice enough, but it is unrefined. You've got some nice vibrato at the edges of your phrase endings. But for the song ... you totally need to a bit more body. It's sounding a little nasal. Don't force those high notes. The whole time you just don't convince the listener of anything... I can totally picture how I'd love this song to sound, something warm, more confident, (better recorded, but you're fixing that). Also, work on being absolutely on pitch. Don't mean to be a downer, but I'm super super super picky with vocalists. Who do you listen to for inspiration?
  2. SERVICES OFFERED: Flute playing SPECIFICS: 2 weeks in advance notice to when you need it by. Will do as quick as possible LEVEL: I'm pretty good :)Give it to me and I'll do my best. EQUIPMENT: pretty good. 2 mics, mixer, etc. FEE: NONE! Someone to teach me to use FL better than I can... METHOD: just pm me. Sheet music is nice, but I can do by ear if needed.
  3. Well, then consider me stepped down. Contact me and I'll be willing to edit writing and critique it (I'm good at that, I'd say). As for the piece, who knows... I may be stepping down there too. Give me one week, and if I'm no further consider me out .
  4. Sorry guys, but it's not reasonable to expect me to be online at 2:30 in the morning, my time. Listen, I don't even know if I have time to remix, let alone write. So count me out for now, we'll see. Sorry to keep pulling you guys around but I'm getting damned busy with school...
  5. Well guys, I just realised that I have a recording gig.... which MEANS: I can record a flute part for my arrangement. Hopefully. I've already been improvising some stuff that sounds all desert-y and I'm pretty happy so far. I've also done some stuff w/ the flute (such as taping half the mouth piece hole) to make it sound very hollow and airy. We shall see if this works! However,I'll be cutting close to october 8th. Just because I'm not updating doesn't mean I'm gone...
  6. Ok guys, just checking in. I've had some inspiration galore on my WIP so today I should have a significantly updated version. However, I'm still gonna be digging some help using Fruity Loops... which brings me to my second question. Is it possible that there are those out there willing to collaborate? I mean, I can produce a midi with all my musical ideas, but making it into a good mp3 is something I've never done. Someone who knows percussion and stuff would particularly useful... If not , I'll slog through it myself (with help, hopefully)
  7. Oh, I thought WIP meant the whole track. Guess it was fine then... I won't be quitting just yet. However I may need to collab with someone. I'll think about it.
  8. Personally I think the accordian bit is quite funny and stylistic to start the album. I'm not sure if your cello playing would be better, as much as you seem to want to insert it (no offense meant, as in track fittingness). I think the accordian thing could be good, it just isn't right now... (ok... right now my track is going nowhere. I've just got too much 'official' stuff to do. I really would like to be part of this project but right now it just isn't happening. I'll keep trying, but so far you should be worried about me...)
  9. Guys I didn't forget but I am now gonna plead help. Let's say I finish the midi of my track (it's... feasible) I cannot feasibly make an mp3. I know too little, I acknowledge that. I just can't do a good enough job of that. I can arrange it but beyond that... I also have a big commission of a high school band piece due in a month that is really really starting to pressure... Help?
  10. Yeesh, close deadline for a WIP. I really hope I can get to this... the problem is simply that I have about 3 commissions to finish and get recorded (being a composer and all) and they're do very soon. *hopes he can finisH*
  11. Dude, that's a piccolo in its low register - of course it's airy. Trust me, I'm a flute player of 6 years, almost concert level. I know my flute stuff. Alright, well , how do I do the stuff being suggested? I'm not taking any offense, this is great learning stuff I just wanna know how. How do I unmuddy it, etc. etc.?
  12. What are Vsti's and extra synths? I'm really clueless... as I said, I'm not a producer... I need to learn all tha tstuff.
  13. No offense taken! As I've said, I'm no master of production. if I had MY way I'd just work in the midi and sheetmusic... Funny though, these samples are from those sites mostly. Can you recommend me any specific samples: Piccolo (or a desert flute) Guitar Bells (glock) Percussion (desert-y) Marimba Pizz strings Bass Just a thought. Hmm... I'm also not very good at eq'ing / filling things up. If someone could help me out that'd be sweet... just tips and stuff. Thanks dude... the help is really appreciated.
  14. Thanks... I can try to pick a more desert-y flute. Right now it's a kind of airy piccolo, I'll find a more wooden sounding one. More comments appreciated... thanks Arek...
  15. http://oltri.vze.com/temp/Kirby%20Hotbeat%202.mp3 WIP. I know, it sucks. and has blank space at the end. *sigh* well, helpful comments appreciated. I don't know how to use fruity loops well, ...
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