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  1. Overall: Awesome I don't know what that sound is... but there is this kind of annoying duck sound in the backround throughout the majority of the song. Aside from that sound... everything was great ^^. I can tell from reactions of friends that some people really won't appreciate it, or well... will get rubbed wrong. But for the amount of us who do like it I gotta say, it is a truely remarkable piece.
  2. I already said I liked this song As for Angel, I'll sum up some will and go over and reveiw it one day... but yeah Linus Spacehead =Kickass remix = Highly recommended o.O
  3. ...I just listened to Angel and I'm sorry - what the hells wrong? Nothing. Just because their both jazzy doesn't mean they're the same song. I mean I hear the same guitar in most songs of most bands... just because an instruments the same doesn't mean that the song sounds the same. I mean look at Techno, Country, Rap... their all using variants of an instrument widely used in the genre and mostly ALL the songs sound similar - yet that doesn't mean they are the same song - or really that much alike.
  4. anyways to be alittle more clear as to why I liked it. My entire playlist doesn't have a song this layed back...or have a song near close to sounding like it. Which makes it enjoyable, unique, and overall a good remix by my book. Also the guitar seems to have the same quality as the ProjectX guitar - not the same distortion but the same measure in quality. So quit bitching Also comeparable with the pitch given in the RedXIII remix by AmIEvil - which was better delived but its not like the guitar in this sucks because a few things might be better
  5. I feel honored to post first or near first depending on when I finish this. Very well done, I like the relaxed charm of this mix - hope to see another from you soon
  6. Reminds me of an upbeat version of Space Lion (SB) from Cowboy Bebop (Jupiter Jazz) - which brought back some great memories for me heh. Thanks for the wonderful remix.
  7. I'm on my third hour of letting this run solo in the backround while I write, very nice. I like hearing power beginings which this has, and for some reason unlike many I am quite happy with faded endings. The best remix I have heard from the two - keep up the great work (you seem to work well with one another )
  8. If the hiphop remixes would stop sucking and start complimenting the original songs themselves then yea, I agree - there should be more.
  9. Let it be said before I comment any further, I hate rap, and I hate DDR even more. The mix is good and the lyrics from what I am hearing are being brought out quite well considering how shitty they are heh heh. If pretzel is allowed to try and sing I think we can forgive SGX for trying to rap... heh heh. Wonderful piano work and overall a nice feeling brought out with the mix... never heard the original, but I think I can survive with just hearing this mix on my playlist.
  10. After hearing this mix I went to Unicorns site and downloaded everything that I could find in his music section. Awesome, and I am sorry people but the fade works perfectly for a song like this. Full circle and very soothing - I just enjoy that little feeling I get while I listen to it... kind of a simple happiness that I found in games back when I was like eight.
  11. I'm kind of... eh... I wouldn't mind the remix having the same voices and many other things if the remix had been good. For me though the entire first 3 and a half minutes the mix was boring and hard for me to listen to. The mix was hardly epic, powerful, thrilling or anything really... it was just there. At some parts in the first minute it felt like I was watching latin porn heh..
  12. This day marked my 132nd time beating Final Fantasy Tactics, so I decided to listen to the soundtrack, and this remix as celebration. Whatever is nagging the people who disliked the mix I don't know what it is, this mix for me is beautiful. The death sound at the end fit completely with the song in my opinion, giving it a unique ending. Its sorrowful, but also uplifting bringing in great memories from the game: which remixes for me are supposed to do. This is a great tribute to the soundtrack, and very well made - I only wish Disciple of the Remix would continue and mix some more from the game. By the way Collaborator, I feel disgraced now knowing that you even played the game. Read the rules, don't be so offensive to the mixer. You didn't spend the time making it, so you don't deserve the time to bash it so thoroughly and incorrectly. You can say its bad, but to spit on it the way you did is unacceptable. -Kodeir
  13. Actually, I wanted to correct myself - the entire mix is awesome, I'm on hour 5 of listening to it on repeat as I work and I gotta say everyone should give this awesome mix a chance.
  14. The song is great, very powerful heroic type feel going with it. At 3:15 I kind of disliked how the mix went, mainly because that section just jumps out - then is followed by the rather strong sound that comes out at 3:35 which has abit too much strength in its volume over other elements. Then at about 4:23 it picks up its flow once more where everything seems just right, and the ending which I felt was fitting tied the mix into full circle. Overall a beautiful. strong, and well paced mix deserving of some more thought by other people IMO. Great job Salzman
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