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  1. In true judge fasion, this post comes after a long delay. Did anyone here really expect judges habits in the community forum to be any different than their habits in the judges decisions forum?
  2. One thing, why is talking about Pixi's nose a banable offense?
  3. Koelsch1

    Sony PS3

    New ideas like what?
  4. I think I have it figured out
  5. I dont know, it all seems a little made up, based on what Im seeing. Some sort of plot to get the thing popular. Here what I got. What we know: Guy is working on a 2D OoT. Guy dies pretty much right before the project is "complete". Entire site is removed, and everyone is told to stop even discussing the project and pretend it never existed out of "repect" Story is now spreading accross the internet. I know I have never heard of this thing untill now. Popularity is increasing. Possible future: Someone just happens to get a hold of the project, and they complete it out of "respect" Or the more likely: He never got more than a couple of areas done. I can not imagine that a 15 year old has the time, or skills to map out the entire Ocarina of Time game. The game was freaking HUGE. And he did it in only 2 years? While at the same time going to school? I doubt it. The "death" was nothing more than a quick way out of a pretty well hyped project, so as to not dissapoint all the people waiting for it. As for the accident, the car sliding on the "wet road", weather reports say there was no rain that day, and only 0.1 cm of precipitation the day before. There are also no news or police reports of any teenagers dying in his area. And the site? The family's first order of business on the day of his death is to make sure his site gets shut down, and leave a message saying "Dont talk about the project ever again" ? Not to mention I am looking at a screen cap saying he logged into the site at 11:17pm that night. I thought he died at 4:00pm?
  6. http://www.home.no/koelsch1vgm/Koelsch1-MrPC.mp3 I havnt been working on any new stuff in a while, but I wanted to record something. I took a midi of John Coltran's Mr. PC and recorded the sax part. I think I did ok, but not great. I really havnt been practicing much this year.
  7. I hope Vanilla Ice makes a return. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO
  8. Koelsch1


    From this, I can deduct the following. 1. You are a far left nutjob 2. You are a vegetarian 3. You hate the Iraq war, and compare it to Vietnam, even though you really dont know much about either 4. You are a socialist, and make odd claims that the fact that some immigrants dont wear Rolexes means capitalism doesnt work. 6. You didnt go to college
  9. Koelsch1


    I wish more americans would have the same pride the spartans had. Like, if everyone would just walk around all day thinking "Holly shit we kick ass!"
  10. Koelsch1


    What happened to Fatty McRazorblades? He was such a kick ass character, and he wasnt even in the battle.
  11. Koelsch1


    I thought some of the queen plot was a little dry. Other than that, it was the most enjoyable movie I have seen in a long time. It could have also used more beheadings. I only counted about 9. And the sex part, did they really need to film all the positions of the kama sutra?
  12. Techno? Sounds to me like the theif is doing us all a favor.
  13. The show would have been bette if rather than being controlled by remote, they where controlled by tiny people. And the tiny people, where actually regular sized people, because the robots are like 200 feet tall, making the people tiny in comparison. And they fought in unprotected stadiums full of thousands of spectators.
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