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  1. The project has been going for quite a while -- can you drop us a word about how things are coming, percentages, time scales, anything? I'm quite excited about this one. Kirby Super Star really should get this kind of attention and work; it's a great game with great music.
  2. Out of curiosity, and this may not be possible, but do any of the artists have sheet music for the two piano tracks? (Darkness Dueling and To Far Away Times) It would be pretty neat to be able to play some of that. I don't know how the remixing process works, if the artists know what the sheet music is like, that sort of thing. Just wondering if it's a possibility.
  3. Even though RoeTaka hasn't appeared in here yet, I'd still like to ask him why he decided to put in those interrupting, out-of-place drum riffs at about 3:18 and 3:50 of The Last Stand. He completely stops the music for a moment and disrupts the flow of everything twice, which doesn't match with an epic battle, to me. That was pretty much the biggest beef I had with the music, aside from The Third Guru as a track. I was expecting something more grandiose for a final battle as well, like huge epic fantasy orchestral stuff, so I kept waiting for the orchestra to really flare...but it never did. But that doesn't reall bug me as much as the random stops in the song. On to my randomness. Cheers to Rellik for the most awesome rendition of Undersea Palace ever. That chorus section at 2:03 just rocks my world. It's very appropriately eerie. A Parting of Ways was the most brilliantly original use of Magus' Theme...I didn't know it could be put into so many forms in a single song and still be awesome. Also kudos to the mysterious little section around 2:32. The little high-pitched trail-off into the violins has to be my favorite section of the song. It's the little things in life, I tell you. I still fail to see where Singing Mountain is in Revelation of Fire. And, Wings that Cross Time in The Third Guru. Slightly disappointed over the former. At first, Pixietricks' singing jumped out at me a lot, but then the song grew on me and took its spot as my favorite. I actually like how clear her singing is. And, I love the Japanese and English together -- I don't think it's pretentious at all, and it's a neat twist that I didn't expect. And speaking of Pixie's songs, I'm glad the orchestra backdrop didn't make it into To Far Away Times. It's better as it is now. Also, where did "The Epoch" and "Zeal Ice" go to? I know Magus' Redemption became A Parting of Ways, and I assume Darkened Skies became The Rising, but those two seemed to have disappeared, replaced by The Third Guru and Beneath the Surface. Were they just deleted? Zeal Ice, I was really looking forward to, and it's even a WIP on the old page. It had the Zeal Palace music (Zeal evil theme) on it, which I was really hoping would show up clearly on the album.
  4. I snagged the MP3's and I have the torrent downloading, just because. This is the coolest thing since...I don't know what. Magnificent. Worth the delays and so much more. Worth the over-a-year that it took. It's really cinema quality, amazingly impressive. It's hard to believe that a group of unpaid (for this project, at least) mixers and crew did all this. That's why it's so awesome. You guys deserve medals. And a vacation. A really long one, after dealing with all of us. Because you've earned that, at the very least. Geniuses, all of you. <3 Compy, Claado, StarZander, DJP, Eon, and all the other insanely awesome people that made this happen. Now I go to listen to the rest of it.
  5. Claado said 2nd or 3rd. He's on his way to New York and it all depends if he, StarZander, and DJ Pretzel can be online at the same time. (paraphrase of his post in 117)
  6. Outtakes? Like...outtakes from Pixietricks' singing, or what? And I'm assuming that "songtext" is lyrics -- does that mean there are no lyrics given with the Regular Edition?
  7. I agree with Last Crusader, Zircon, and TheWanderer. Just get it out there; so many of us don't care if the website is sparkling. The point is the music, and we've been waiting for the music. Why not just release the finished music when it's done and then put the website in with the "special, highly slicked-up with new content"-edition package? Then, people who want all the extras will have a site o' awesomeness to boot, but people will still get the music. It's not like we won't go back to see the special edition, anyway. I will, at least, for sure. For the sake of having it out in 2005, which would be such a cool New Years gift...why not?
  8. So true, so true. Homeworld 2 had two years of delays. So I say, we'll stick it out Glad the site is up and ready for the future release. Can't wait to see it! I'm sure it will rock our worlds several times over <3 Compy.
  9. Angelfire rejects remote links...and Save As doesn't work. I think the url itself (the .mp3 one) is messed up, because your site won't find it, either.
  10. Well, I'll amuse myself with music I got for Christmas while I wait. Maybe it'll be out when I'm back after vacation, which is around New Years, anyway. And then it'll be the reason why I'm not paying attention in school and knocking over people in the halls because I'm not watching where I'm going, only listening to my shiny new iPod...with Chrono Symphonic on it. Then again, no one guaranteed it would be New Years. I guess we're all just getting our hopes up again? Oh yeah -- <3 Compy
  11. So much Magus' Theme. That just rules. The Last Stand seems pretty neat -- all the battle themes together. Whoa, A Parting of Ways is solely Magus' theme? Nice...can't wait to hear!
  12. By "Lucca's Theme," I meant the fanfare music. Well, it does come on just about every time Lucca does something. Pity that no one ever uses it. *shrug* It would be interesting to see someone do something with it. Nevertheless, I'm such as sucker for Magus' theme, so I'll take Lucca's Arrival anyway
  13. Revelation of Fire or Lucca's Arrival. It's about time someone did something good with Lucca's theme. It's an under-appreciated piece of music. Also, even though it was previously released, I can't wait for the improved version of Confronting the Mystic. The melody was so buried in drums last time -- is it still drowned out like that? The melody was the best part of the original song...
  14. I am drowning in drool. The voices in Schala and the Queen! They make me melt with total happiness and awe and ALL THAT. I am dancing in my chair! I was hoping it would be even cooler than before. The way-back-when WIP was awesome, but this...WHOA. You all own the world. All you people that helped. Do the lyrics mean anything in another language? (And your accent is cool. You sound so much happier compared to you yelling at us to shut up about release dates )
  15. I'll be checking this thread every single day of next week.
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