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  1. I hereby declare it an international crime against humanity that those remixes won't be included in the project. Time to take this to The Hague.
  2. Man what a great album. I didn't really know what to expect from this but after giving it a listen I'm glad I didn't waste any time downloading it. I really enjoyed the overall feel of the album and needless to say it has a permanent spot on my playlist. Great work to all those involved.
  3. Its a shame that this project is now being dragged down into personal squabbles. I can understand where redlight is coming from and I can also understand where TO is coming from in wanting the remixes back in the project. I'm sure they are excellent remixes as redlight's other remixes are great. Personal feuds aside I think redlight should still release the tracks with the project. I could care less what the judges think about a particular remix and if they want to argue over petty trivialities, then let em. Their decisions in no way denigrate a particular remix as that remix is the creative vision of an artist, and might I say art is quite subjective. That said, I'm sure there would be many other people who would enjoy and appreciate the remixes regardless of the source. On behalf of those people and myself, I'm asking that redlight please reconsider putting his mixes back in the project otherwise all parties lose.
  4. Nothing really. I just wished a project of this great a magnitude was immediately posted in its entirety.
  5. I now know that there isn't any justice in the world. A few days after this project has been released and only one has made it to the front page. A true tragedy. Anyhow this has been an awesome project. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to personally thank all who contributed. I've been waiting months and months for it to be released and the wait has been worth every single nanosecond. Thanks again.
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