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  1. Having never heard the original before listening to this piece, I have to say that I did, and still do, believe this is incredibly beautiful, even prompting me to email klutz to thank him for the music (not ABBA style). I think you can look at this song two ways - the Disc Dan view, considering the original against the remix; or you can come at it as a fresh piece of music, as I did. Whether kLuTz has massacred the original is of no consequence to me - it's still beautifully moving, regardless of what the original sounds like. Peaceful Days was nice, but this is nice in a different way. A different, but incredibly excellent kind of nice. And that's all that matters to me.
  2. Pretty nice, I guess. I would have liked the solos to go longer... seemed to be just short bursts, enticing us in, and then, and then, and then... disappointing us. But, then again, perhaps that was for the resulting 'ambient' effect that has been discussed. It is relaxing, this piece, simply because there is really no lead melody to have to follow. So, yeah, if you like rain fx, get this. Like someone else said, however, a bit more of the goodness would be... well, good.
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